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Witnesses say police drew guns on a stolen U-Haul truck in downtown Summerlin

By Jaewon Jung,


Witnesses said it was like a "scene out of a movie" in Downtown Summerlin Friday night when Metro police drew their guns on a U-haul truck outside several crowded restaurants.

Metro investigators said upon running the plate number, officers discovered the truck was stolen. Investigators say it's a common practice to run U-Haul plates, as many of them are frequently stolen in the valley.

"The most common reason for the thefts of these U-Haul is for these individuals of ill repute to use them for their stolen property," said retired Metro Police detective Phil DePalma. "These vehicles are the only vehicles that are used for transporting large amounts of items. Box trucks are very common. You can fit numerous items from small to very large items in these box trucks."

DePalma said thieves often rent vehicles using stolen IDs — and this isn't just a problem in the Las Vegas valley, it's one that spans the entire country.

Melissa Bair said her family had their U-Haul truck stolen last November when they were moving from Maine to Las Vegas. Her family drove their U-Haul across the country with no problem, until one night, it was stolen from their new home in Centennial Hills.

" We were hoping it had been towed. We looked around and didn't see any signs anywhere. I called a tow truck service and they're like, I'm sorry, but you should probably call the cops. It's probably stolen," said Bair.

Bair said through social media she was able to find the truck but several items were missing.

"It's just one of those situations where you never think it's going to happen to you," said Bair. "I would have gotten something on the steering wheel. I would have gotten jeeps, you know, or one of those Apple AirTags or something. I would have gotten better insurance to cover my belongings."

As for the incident on Friday, Metro police detained three people in connection with the stolen U-Haul.

Court documents identify one of the suspects accused of stealing the U-Haul truck as Scott Kauman. Police say Kauman has faced previous charges in Las Vegas, including a felony burglary charge, as well as grand larceny and theft.

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