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'Tiger Head' bandit breaks into fumigated La Mesa home

By Michael Chen,


LA MESA, Calif. (KGTV) - A Ring camera alert showing a man with an odd disguise outside a tented home sent a La Mesa woman into ‘panic mode’ Tuesday night.

“I see him in real-time, creeping along the wall. Who's this?” said Daisy.

Just before 7 p.m., Daisy, who declined to reveal her full name, was alerted by her Ring camera to a man prowling just outside her rented home on 70th Street, which was being fumigated.

“It was very uneasy,” said Daisy.

The man, who appeared to be wearing a tiger mask and goggles, placed a cap on the camera.

But from another camera, he is seen fiddling with a window screen. He would later smash the glass and get in.

“I was panicking. I’m in El Cajon. What am I supposed to do?” said Daisy.

Daisy says as she called 911, she made a post on the Nextdoor app, alerting neighbors.

At the same time, her husband started heading home and got on the phone with a neighbor who stood outside the tent.

“Our neighbor is talking loudly. He’s trying to make the guy know he’s out there,” said Daisy.

Within 10 minutes, the police and then her husband would arrive.

It took several hours for the fumigation company to give the all-clear.

Inside, a few things were discovered stolen, including a laptop and a ring owned by her husband's father, who recently died.

On the side of the house, the burglar had left behind the family’s hamper. Inside were many items, including several other laptops and model cars.

Daisy believes that the neighbor's loud talking may have rushed the intruder.

“It could have made him sloppy. He dropped things,” said Daisy.

Anyone with information is asked to call La Mesa Police at 619-667-1400 or Crime Stoppers at 888-580-TIPS.

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