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UPDATE: E. coli found in Kamas water supply, boil order issued

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UPDATE 5/30 10:14 a.m. – The boil order has been lifted as of May 29 at approximately 5 p.m.

UPDATE 5/28 4:00 p.m. – Additional water samples have been taken for testing and are incubating. Results will be available tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. If those samples pass, a second test is required, meaning the earliest the boil order can be lifted is Monday afternoon. Results of each test will be shared when they are completed.

KAMAS, Utah – A boil order was issued early Saturday morning for all residents of the city of Kamas. Summit County Utah says E. coli was found through testing in the water supply.

Kamas City Water was notified by the health department on May 25, 2023, that a sample taken within the water system came back E. Coli positive. Repeat samples were taken that same day that came back E. Coli positive as well as a sample that showed positive for total Coliform on May 26, 2023. The Boil Order will remain in effect until further notice.

Before using water to drink, cook, do dishes, wash hands or brush teeth, bring water to a rolling boil for 3 minutes. Showering in untreated water is not recommended. It is okay for pets to drink the water.

The City of Kamas will continue water testing and will alert residents when the water is safe to use again.

What is being done?

Bacterial contamination can occur when (homeowners connect untreated secondary irrigation water to the drinking water line causing a cross connection contamination, due to a break in the distribution system (pipes), a failure in the water treatment process, etc..). Our water operators are working hard at determining the issues.

The following corrective actions are being taken.

1. Chlorinating and flushing the water system.
2. Looking for possible cross connection issues from illegal secondary water hookups.
3. Increasing sampling for coliform bacteria to determine the source of the contamination.
4. Working with the Division of Drinking Water to complete a Level 2 Assessment in the
coming weeks.
5. Taking samples for coliform daily so we know when the issue has been resolved at which
time we will notify the public of when the order can be lifted

Read the Full Boil Order Here

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