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Fisherman Hooks Surfer: ‘That Cannibal Wanted Me for Dinner’ (Video)

By Dashel Pierson,


From a surfing standpoint, Huntington Beach, CA is a paradoxical paradise.

It’s known nationwide as Surf City, USA, while also being notorious for mediocre waves; the waves are so infamously gutless that the “Huntington Hop,” a maneuver synonymous with poor surfing conditions, came out of the town, yet, one can catch a wave nearly 365 days out of the year there; it’s massively significant in competitive surfing history, but today, the city’s main surf attraction, the US Open of Surfing, is more celebrated for fights on the sand and riots in the streets, than surfing in the water.

It's a beautiful mess, Huntington Beach. And the clip below is a perfect encapsulation of the contradictory surfing relevance, combined with the craziness, that HB represents.

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First of all, this clip is old. It comes from November of 2022, from HB surf filmer, DansSurfCave . However, it was recently reposted by KookOfTheDayOG (the backup account to KookOfTheDay ). And both accounts are on private mode, which is why we’re showing a third-party reaction video, as seen above.

But, in that repost, we got a bit more of the story.

From watching the video, it’s pretty clear what’s going down. A fisherman on the HB pier has hooked a surfer on the northside. The surfer is gouged, literally being reeled in by the fisherman as he yells, “let the f*cking string out! Let it out!”

Commenting on the repost, local surfer willy_hb tells his (fish?) tale:

“The Fishermans hook got caught inside my wrist near my artery. He would not let any slack out, so I had to use my teeth to rip it out of my wrist and make sure the hook did not catch my lip.”

He also added:

“That cannibal really wanted to have me for dinner.”

The funny, or sad, thing is: this is not the first time this has happened, either, a fisherman hooking a surfer off the pier.

Not even close.

Just another day in HB.


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