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UPDATE: Community Donated, Got Holbrook 26-Year-Old Crushed By Semi In Nebraska Back Home

By Morgan Gonzales,


A "nightmare" road trip ended early when a car rammed into the vehicle containing a 26-year-old with a "beautiful soul," flipping her car 15 times before ejecting her from the vehicle, after which she was run over by a tractor-trailer.

Tatyana, of Holbrook, was accompanying her best friend from Boston to California to help him move and had made it to Route 80 in Nebraska when they were in the near-fatal car accident on Sunday, March 19, according to a GoFundMe for Abouzeid.

After multiple false starts, Tatyana was able to get boarded on an AirMed flight heading to Boston.

GoFundMe / "Bring my Angel home"

Tatyana, described as a "beautiful soul," sustained life-threatening injuries, including a skull fracture, broken pelvis, and multiple bone fractures. Her right leg was amputated and is in danger of losing her left leg. The hospital was not sure if she would survive, Tatyana's mother, Margo Abouzeid, said in the GoFundMe.

Tatyana is described as a

GoFundMe / "Bring my Angel home"

There is a "desperate need," to get Tatyana home, Margo said.

"She needs multiple surgeries and the doctors want her to work with a team of physicians that will be able to watch her from start to finish," said Margo. "We need to get her home soon so she can get better and have the greatest recovery."

To get to a Boston hospital Tatyana will need to be airlifted with a ventilator, Margo said. The family is working to get Tatyana home with a serious deadline.

"We only have 1 week to make this possible," Margo wrote.

After a rollercoaster of 'almosts,' not yets,' and 'not quite,' Tatyana was loaded into an AirMed plane around 6:00 p.m. on Monday, March 27, heading straight for a Boston operating room. The flight landed around midnight, and by 9:30 a.m. Tatyana was heading into her first surgery of the many she will undergo at the Boston hospital.

After Tatyana arrives in Boston she will have a long journey to recovering, including multiple surgeries, her mother said.

GoFundMe / "Bring my Angel home"

Proceeds from the fundraiser directly allowed Tatyana to be transported back to Massachusetts. Any donations over that amount will be used for her medical costs.

"This will be a long journey and we will need all the help we can get for her future," said Margo.

To access the GoFundMe, click here.

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