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Hendersonville used car dealership targeted twice in one month by burglars

By Aaron Cantrell,


Hendersonville Police are trying to figure out who keeps targeting CarSmart, a used car dealership located at 1023 W Main St, Hendersonville, TN 37075.

In less than a month, burglars have targeted CartSmart twice attempting to steal Dodge Challengers. The latest incident happened Tuesday night when someone tried to steal a Dodge Challenger out of their parking lot.

"They came in and busted out the window and attempted to steal it, but we have mechanically disabled the vehicle. Like we do all the vehicles of this nature," CareCare Service Manager Jermaine Bellanfant said.

"It affects our insurance costs. It comes out of pocket to repair vehicles. It impacts are openness to the public after hours," Bellanfant explained.

Bellanfant is the service manager for CarCare. His team services the vehicles, so CarSmart can sell them. He said it’s the second time in less than a month; a Dodge Challenger has been targeted.

Surveillance footage doesn’t catch the act, but it shows four unknown people in the area where the burglary occurred.

Hendersonville police would like to talk to them because it could help solve the crime.

"Usually we see thieves going after vehicles that are very expensive such as luxury models. Performance vehicles like Dodge models and pickup trucks," Insurance Institute For Highway Safety Spokesperson Joe Young said.

Joe Young is the spokesperson for IIHS, the nonprofit’s affiliate recently took insurance claims data to determine the most stolen vehicles ; all but one in the top four are Dodges.

"We're not just looking at counts of thefts. We’re looking at how frequently vehicles are being stolen relative to their numbers on the road," Young explained.

Bellanfant knows the popularity of Dodges will not go away, and his company plans to beef up security. He encourages people to earn an honest living.

"We will give you an opportunity, but theft by no means is a way to live your life and a way to function as a decent human being," Bellanfant said.

The study also revealed that Electric vehicles are less likely to be a target of theft.

Experts say all car owners should park in well-lit or highly-traveled areas.

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