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'You have to be careful:' Drivers react to shooting on I-64 in Hampton

By Erika Craven,


Virginia State Police on Friday asked for the public's help in tracking down the people responsible for a shooting that shut down traffic on westbound I-64 in Hampton Thursday night.


Police confirm shutdown of I-64 in Hampton was caused by shooting incident

Madeline Miller 12:01 PM, Jun 02, 2023

The shooting sent two people to the hospital. The road closure lasted about four hours.


I-64 in Hampton back open after VSP investigates 'possible shooting'

Leondra Head 7:11 PM, Jun 01, 2023

One driver was also shot in the incident.

This is the fifth interstate shooting that resulted in an injury in Virginia this year, according to tracking data from the Gun Violence Archive.

Most drivers are prepared for bad drivers and traffic on the interstate.

"We'll let's just say sometimes it can be friendly, other times it can be a little hectic," said North Carolina resident Richard Royals.

Royals and members of his family travel along I-64 multiple times a week.

"A big concern is people going over the lines," said Elizabeth Royals.

Most drivers told News 3 they've never witnessed a shooting on the freeway, but many said they were wary.

"You have to be careful you haven't ticked somebody off. It's like in the stores,too. Is somebody just going to roll a window down and shoot you because they don't like the way you look? Or that you were in front of them?" said Elizabeth.

Virginia State Police were called to 35 interstate shootings last year.

They could be due to road rage or something deeper. State Police said it's rare for the cases to be open-and-shut due to "complex" investigations taking place quickly with multiple organizations in heavily trafficked areas.

Officers and attorneys said it can be a good investment to get a dash camera to record aggressive driving, or if you get into an accident.

Drivers agreed.

"It probably would save you an insurance claim too because of road rage or uninsured motorists, or something like that, because then you have it on tape. Yeah, I've thought about it several times," said Richard.

Drivers added that they like to practice safe driving techniques when they see someone driving aggressively.

"I either stay far enough away from them and slow down or try to safely pass and get far enough ahead of them," said Elizabeth Royals.

Police reassured drivers that the odds that they'll be involved in an interstate shooting are slim.

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