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Mother of missing Texas six-year-old moves to India with her six kids

By Aneeta Bhole For Dailymail.Com,


A six-year-old suffering from mental and physical disabilities who has been missing for four months was living inside a cramped refurbished shed filled wall-to-wall with clutter with his six siblings.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez was last seen in Everman, Texas , in November but wasn't reported missing when police made a wellness check on March 20.

Police believe his mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, 37, fled to India on March 23 with her husband and six of her children - who are believed to be between the ages of five and 11 years old. Noel is nowhere to be found.

Footage from inside the home shows toys, clothes, baby products and food left behind in the shed with only two beds inside the dire dwelling.

'The circumstantial evidence is certainly building up to a level where it becomes criminal,' Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer told Fox News .

Authorities poured over the home, where items lay scattered throughout, in a bid to locate the missing six-year-old.

Cindy had lived in the house at the front of the property for years before moving into the back shed when her family grew too large for the original dwelling.

She lived in the shed with seven children, meanwhile three other children are said to be living with their grandparents, according to police.

Owner of the shed, Charles Parson, 71, told the outlet that he was 'shocked' to hear that his tenant had left the country without a word and doesn't believe she'd purposely hurt Noel.

Parson considered himself somewhat of a 'godfather' figure in the young boy and his sibling's lives telling the broadcaster that he took Cindy in nearly a decade ago.

He said that he met Cindy at the grocery store and that she was going through a 'tough time' and offered her some help. The 71-year-old was devastated that she left without saying goodbye.

'They're scared they're going to get in trouble with the law,' he said.

'They're afraid they may have done something wrong.'

Parson's struggles with health issues and was in hospital last week with plans to be picked up by Cindy's husband – Noel's stepfather - but no one came to help him.

Police were called on March 20 for a wellness check on Noel and questioned Cindy who claimed that her little boy was with his biological father in Mexico.

Child Protective Services got in touch with Noel's father who told Fox News that he'd never met his son and that he'd been deported before he was born.

Everman police reached out to Cindy again on March 23, but it's believed that she'd left the country by then and an Amber Alert was issued two days later.

Amid the investigation police said that they learned that Noel had never been enrolled in a school.

'We have a six-year-old disabled boy [who] cannot be accounted for,' Spencer said.

'He has a requirement to be on oxygen at certain points in time and we don't know if he's getting that.'

Spencer said that his investigators believe family members who were interviewed had been 'coached' to say the boy was seen recently although he's been missing for longer.

It's believed that the family boarded a flight to Turkey and then transferred to head to India.

Everman police combed through documents obtained at the family's residence and from their 2012 Chevrolet pickup truck, which was found parked at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Spencer said that investigators found a travel visa for one of Cindy's children inside the vehicle.

It's believed the visa was obtained a day after authorities conducted the welfare check.

'There is a lot of holes within the answers that we have been getting as a part of this investigation that we have got to continue to fill,' said Spencer.

A cadaver dog was also used to search the family's living space and yard 'to cover all our bases,' said Spencer.

Homeland Security and the FBI have also been brought in to help with the investigation.

Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the 37-year-old mother for giving a false report about a missing person.

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