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Technical foul, Erie Sports Center ordered to close sports dome, outdoor stage

By Jade Leah Burns,


Since Monday, the Erie Sports Center has been unable to use their sports dome and outdoor stage.

Facilities at Erie Sports Center were closed by Summit Township. They said that this was something that needed to be done to keep people safe.

According to Summit Township Supervisor, Jack Lee, Erie Sports Center received a noncompliance notice on Monday, June 5 stating that they have to vacate their sports dome and outdoor stage.

The Erie Sports Center is located in the Erie Bank Sports Park that is on 8159 Oliver Road.

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Lee told us that the center is well behind in getting building permits and inspections which violates Pennsylvania state building codes.

“This isn’t Summit Township, this isn’t me, but there’s a state building code that actually protects the public and the consumer,” said Jack Lee, Summit Township supervisor.

The notice came from building inspection underwriters who partner with the township for zoning and code enforcement.

As of now, Lee said that the center has had an engineer contact the township to work on corrections with BIU.

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“Once we get the approval from BIU or the professional building inspectors, then we can give them the occupancy permit. So that’s been drug out and gone on way too long and this is all about public safety,” Lee explained. “It sounds like it may be able to be corrected in two weeks.”

We spoke with Troy Bingham who operates the closed facilities on the park, he declines to comment at this time.

Lee said that this closure is a tough situation. He explained that it’s an inconvenience for Summit Township residents, visitors, and those who use the park.

“Any one of them people would be complaining or talking to a lawyer if something went wrong, and the general public got hurt we’re going to hear about it and then we’re going to hear shame on you for letting it happen. So, it’s just part of today’s world,” Lee went on to say.

Moving forward, Lee is hopeful for the future of the facilities at the park.

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