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Edmond Parents In Search For Their Missing Adult Son


An Edmond family is desperately searching for their son who vanished after leaving their home.

“It's been too long, where is he? How is he surviving? What is his mental state right now,” Debbie and Mark Stanley said.

Matthew Stanley’s parents, Debbie and Mark Stanley, reported their son, 36, missing in May.

“We tried contacting him, and just no response,” Debbie Stanley said.

Images of Matthew are now plastered on billboards across the metro.

Debbie and Mark Stanley last saw their son Matt on May 6 after leaving their home for vacation. They returned a week later when they noticed Matt and his car were gone.

“We don’t know what he took, we only noticed that his backpack had been taken,” said Mark Stanley.

Doorbell video, captured what may have been Matt's last moments in the family's home.

Without a job, and limited resources, the Stanleys worry.

“It's the unknown, and he could be vulnerable to someone harming him or taking advantage of him somehow,” Debbie said.

While the billboards reading "Have you seen Matt?" have gained traction, tips regarding Matt's whereabouts have ended in disappointment.

“He's been so elusive, we've driven and driven, all the places we think he might be,” Debbie said.

Matt’s family said their son walks with a distinctive gait.

“He is very pigeon-toed and he walks on the balls of his feet,” Debbie said.

They believe he could be hanging around metro libraries.

“Matt was Academic Scholar, graduate of OSU’s Chemical Engineering program, he's off the chart smart,” said Debbie.

Matt’s family said they are unsure if their son is still driving his gold Toyota Avalon.

“Matt is an avid walker, he loves to walk,” said Mark,

His family believes Matt could be wearing a gray Old Navy jacket, and said he prefers his solitude.

“He's an isolator, when we have social gatherings he's standoffish,” said Mark.

Matt's family asks that any sightings be reported immediately to Oklahoma City Police and to their family.

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