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‘Words Matter’: New Oklahoma Law Removes Discriminatory Language From Property Covenants


People want to feel welcome where they live. However, one Edmond business owner didn’t always feel that way when he learned the historic rules of the land he bought.

“I’ve always loved doing it,” said Frost, who owns Frost Auto Accessories and Design.

He can tell anyone everything they want to know about cars.

“We make cars look really good,” Frost said.

From the moment Frost bought this property in 2016, he knew it would be hard work.

“I’m pretty proud of it,” Frost said.

Frost didn’t expect to find these words.

“I had to go and ask questions to find out, ‘Is this enforceable? What are my rights?’” Frost said.

Real Estate covenants are agreements between landowners and other parties like neighborhood associations.

A late 1940s covenant remains on the books in Oklahoma and appears on a list of covenants for Frost’s property.

“That language specifically said ‘no African Americans or any other race other than Caucasians allowed in this neighborhood,’” Frost said.

The Civil Rights Act of 1968 has long prevented those covenants from being enforced, but Frost said his neighborhood attorney sent him that language.

“Letting me know that they wanted me to cease trying to do business in this neighborhood,” Frost said.

Emilykaye Mitchelson is the secretary of the Oklahoma Association of Realtors. Her organization has been pushing for the removal of this language.

“This is something that has been evolving in terms of our recognition of these kinds of issues,” Mitchelson said. “Oklahoma is indeed a welcoming place to all people.”

Gov. Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 2288 into law this month to officially remove that language in 2023.

“It’d be like a flower just budding out blossoming because people want to feel welcome,” Frost said.

Frost said a sense of community exists when everyone hears the words ‘welcome home.’

“Words matter,” Frost said.

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