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Police give major update on Scottie Morris after missing Indiana teen who vanished in ‘liar’ T-shirt found alive

By Forrest McFarland,


POLICE have announced that they questioned two individuals about the disappearance of Scottie Morris after he was thankfully found safe.

Fear for the 14-year-old's safety was felt across the country when it was revealed that he left his Eaton, Indiana, home in cold weather wearing just a t-shirt that called him a "liar" and shorts on March 16.
Police have announced that they questioned two individuals about the disappearance of Scottie Morris after he was thankfully found safe Credit: Twitter/901Lulu
Eaton, Indiana, police determined that the two were not involved in the case Credit: Facebook/Sarah Boyles
They reminded onlookers that Scottie's family has cooperated every step of the way Credit: YouTube/WTHR

Eaton police released an image of Scottie when he was declared missing that showed him in the t-shirt while visibly upset, sparking an outcry online.

Officials later removed the picture and clarified that it was taken during a "disturbing" bout of punishment by his parents.

However, Chief Jay Turner maintained that the family had cooperated since the very beginning and said they were subjected to a polygraph test.

Officials eventually gave "one of the best updates" on Friday when they announced that he had been found safe and sound.

Turner said they would continue their investigation and begin to conduct interviews.

On Saturday, officials gave their latest update to announce that two unnamed individuals were brought in for questioning and were cleared.

The department emphasized that the family continues to assist with every aspect of the investigation and said the Department of Child Services is helping Scottie out.

It's still unclear where the missing teen was found and what took place during his disappearance.


Family members have begun to defend themselves as rumors of their alleged involvement in Scottie's disappearance swirl.

Some online sleuths pointed to a backpack in the emotional photo of the boy who wore the shirt that said "I hurt my little brother" and "cheat" while others criticized his shaved haircut.

Officials later said Scottie chose the buzz-cut himself and did not provide any other details on his alleged escape.

Now, members of the Morris family, including Scottie's aunt, Melissa Morris May, have come to the defense of the teen's parents, per the New York Post.

"The family did nothing wrong and are going threw [sic] enough and don’t need the negativity,” May wrote on the Facebook page she created called Help Find My Nephew Scottie Morris.

She thanked everyone who helped with the search and threatened that anyone who spread rumors about the family would be removed.

Authorities ended their extensive searches on Tuesday after they issued a Silver Alert when Scottie was reported missing on March 17, meaning that the boy could have been in “extreme danger” and “may require medical assistance.”

Turner previously told the Star Press that he and the department, along with over 100 volunteers, had swept "the entire town at least four times” without finding traces of Scottie.

They even used helicopters and horses to search for the 14-year-old.

After being found on Friday night, police noted that Scottie was brought to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital ER "to be checked out as a precaution."

Before his discovery, Scottie's mother publicly called for her son's safe return.

She told the Indianapolis ABC affiliate WRTV: “I love you and I want you to come home. I know that you’re mad and confused.

“Everyone is out looking for you, and we’re not trying to scare you.”

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