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Marlon Wayans was kicked off a United Airlines flight after a dispute over too many carry-on bags

By Alia Shoaib,

Marlon Wayans.
  • Actor Marlon Wayans complained about being kicked off a United Airlines flight on Friday.
  • He said he had a dispute with a gate agent who told him to check in his carry-on bags.
  • Denver police said he was given a citation for "disturbing the peace."

Actor Marlon Wayans said he was kicked off a United Airlines flight hours before he was due on stage over a dispute with a gate agent about checking in a bag.

Wayans took to Instagram to complain to his six million followers about being denied entry onto the Denver to Kansas City flight.

"Bro claimed i had too many bags so i complied and consolidated them he was like "oh now you have to check that bag". Bye," he wrote.

"I'm going to miss my shows tonight because of a gate agent at United Airlines," he said in the video. "Just sometimes you come across a dick. United, pick better people to work for you."

A witness told TMZ that the "White Chicks" star was angered by being told to check his back in during boarding and claimed that the actor slammed his ticket on the counter before boarding the plane.

The witness said that the gate agent couldn't stop Wayans from boarding so called security.

A spokesperson for United told TMZ: "In Denver on Friday, a customer who had been told he would have to gate-check his bag instead pushed past a United employee at the jetbridge and attempted to board the aircraft. The customer won't be flying on United to his destination."

TMZ reported that Wayans was escorted off the plane about 30 minutes later, at which point the police arrived.

A spokesperson for the Denver Police Department told TMZ that Wayans was given a citation for disturbing the peace following the incident.

Wayans made three other Instagram posts about the incident, revealing that he made it to Kansas City on an American Airlines flight later that day.

In his posts, he spoke extensively about his anger towards the "rude and wrong" gate agent and called for him to be reprimanded.

A few of Wayans' famous friends weighed in in the comment section, with Snoop Dogg suggesting he "fly private" because he is "a boss."

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