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Colorado city one of most 'dog friendly' in country – but bill could mean big change

By Spencer McKee,

Photo Credit: Boogich (iStock).

A report that was recently released by sought to determine which cities around the United States were the most 'pet friendly.' In order to determine their ranking, the publication considered 'pet acceptance rates' at local rental properties.

Denver, Colorado ranked 2nd among major cities nationwide, with a pet acceptance rate of 54 percent – topped only by Columbus, Ohio's acceptance rate of 58 percent.

Meanwhile, Colorado Springs also ranked well – 10th, with an acceptance rate of 44 percent.

That being said, some Coloradans are concerned that a pending bill may mean a drop in pet acceptance rates.

HB23-1068 has one final hurdle – being signed into law by Governor Polis – and if it gets passed, it would limit security deposits and rent for pet animals. While the bill has been proposed as a means of keeping rent more affordable, some fear that it could discourage property owners from renting out to pet-owners altogether, thus lowering the supply of pet-friendly rentals and ultimately raising the price of pet-friendly rental properties due to lack of supply.

Do you think this bill would have a positive or negative impact for pet owners in Colorado if passed? Let us know in the comments.

Find the full list of pet-friendly cities here.

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