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Bruce Brown On How Denver's Altitude Affects Their Opponents: "We Get Used To It When We Get Back Home, But Other Teams Are Gassed."

By Aaron Abhishek,


If it was Miami's weather that was looked at as one of the factors behind the New York Knicks' struggle against the Heat, then it's also possible that the latter is now having trouble acclimatizing to Denver's altitude.

This theory even had Nuggets star Bruce Brown alluding to it. “At first, you’re going to get tired," he said, referring to the altitude. "We get used to it when we get back (home), but other teams are gassed. And that’s how I was when I was playing for Brooklyn and Detroit. When I got (to Denver), there were quick subs because the first time down I was dead tired — literally the first time up and down.”

The capital of Colorado is at a high altitude of 5,280 feet (one mile high) above sea level, compared to the elevation of Miami, which averages around 6 ft (1.8 m). Clearly, this would mean players from the Heat used to lower elevations will gas out fairly quickly.

And the results showed as the Heat, who were already on tired legs after their ECF stretched to seven games, were now in a higher altitude in the West. Clearly, this will be one of the off-court challenges the Heat will face.

Charles Barkley And Grant Hill Needed Oxygen Masks Before Going On-Air In Denver

Utah and Denver have both posed significant challenges for NBA players over the years, but this time, it also had the likes of veteran players in Charles Barkley and Grant Hill use oxygen masks prior to their Game 1 coverage.

The altitude aside, the Heat will face a stern test in the Nuggets players who have played formidable basketball throughout the season.

What matters is whether the Heat would have adjusted to the altitude before Game 2. Now that they have a taste of what the conditions are like, chances are they will do better in the upcoming contest rather than risk trailing 0-2.

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