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Local shark attack victim shares update on recovery

By Laura Acevedo,


DEL MAR, Calif. (KGTV) — The woman attacked by a shark last November is sharing her path to recovery.

It's been just over six months since the shark attack off the coast of Del Mar Beach. ABC 10News first spoke to her exclusively the night after the attack.

Lyn Jutronich was swimming with a friend when the shark bit her leg, shook her, and released her. She swam to shore with the help of her swimming partner.

Despite being an experienced swimmer, Jutronich has struggled to get back into the water, dealing with anxiety and trauma from the attack. She is seeing a physical therapist for her scars, but is also seeing a therapist to work through some of her PTSD.

Jutronich went back into the ocean in February, but in a different location.

"I've been back a couple of times, it's been OK. A couple of times I panicked and had to get out," Jutronich said.

Over the weekend, several sharks were seen feeding on a dolphin along Torrey Pines State Beach, about three miles south of where Jutronich's attack took place. The dolphin later washed up to shore.

Lyn saw the video and said she's grateful the shark that attacked her let her go and did not come back.

Jutronich told ABC 10News she misses the water, a place she used to go to clear her mind and exercise. It's no longer her place of peace, but she hopes one day it will be again.

After the attack, Jutronich did have to go back to the hospital for several days because of a serious infection. She wants others to remember to listen to their bodies when they feel something is not right.

Shark sighting signs were up for 24 hours after the shark and dolphin encounter over the weekend, but they've since been removed.

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