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Dallas high school football ref rips off player's helmet during game, UIL investigating

By S.E. Jenkins,


Dallas high school football ref rips off player's helmet mid-game, UIL investigating 00:40

WHITNEY ( - A Friday night football game in Dallas is causing quite a stir after a now-viral video posted online shows a game official ripping the helmet off a player.

The Whitney Wildcats were playing the James Madison Trojans at Seagoville Stadium in Dallas Friday night when a Whitney football player bumped into the referee.

In the video, the ref appears to be pushing the teen and ripping off his helmet. He then throws a flag and ejects the Whitney player from the game.

The UIL said it is aware of "an incident involving a sports official and a student athlete during the Whitney vs. Dallas Madison varsity football game last night  (Friday, 9/29). This situation is of great concern to us and we are actively looking into the matter."

Wildcats coach Joey O'Hearn said on X, "As a coach of the player involved, on the sideline, and have watched every play of this game multiple times today I can tell you this… Our player was not at fault in any way shape or form, he was making a play on the ball and this official abused his power on the field.

My opinion is the official had a momentary lapse in [judgment] and did something really stupid. Then made the situation worse when he ejected our player instead of discussing it rationally."

O'Hearn added he is glad the Wildcats player had the maturity to walk away and not say a word to the ref.

The referee has not been identified.

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