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I was stunned by my cashier’s actions at Kroger checkout – I couldn’t get my money out fast enough

By Taryn Pedler,


A WOMAN was left stunned by her supermarket cashier's actions - she couldn't get her money out quick enough.

The store workers speedy service left shopper Esmerelda shocked as he swept her 20-odd groceries though the check out in just 21 seconds.
The store worker left Esmerelda shocked at his scanning abilities
The Kroger employee, named Anthony, went viral on Twitter for his speedy service

The cashier quickly raced through scanning the woman's shopping at a Kroger store in Clarksville,


Esmerelda was so surprised by his rapid work, she took to Twitter to praise his skills.

She shared a video of the Kroger employee scanning her entire food shop before she even had time to get her money out.

The post has since gone viral, racking up more than two million views and 2,300 comments from impressed Twitter users.

In the 21-second clip, the store worker is seen swiping around 20 food items through the scanner and piling them up into the bagging area.

Esmerelda was mind-blown, captioning the video: "This is the fastest cashier I know. He gets down. He don't play".

Viewers were quick to swarm the shoppers comment section with praise, and shared their amazement at the employees crazy skills.

One user joked: "Walmart needs him because they never have a register open - and when they do it's some old lady".

Another said: "My boy trying to hurry up and get to the house. Last customer before I go home".

A third commented: ""He loves his job. You've got to respect him".

One Twitter user recognised the server as Anthony from Clarksville - and said they recognised him instantly.

He commented: "Anthony is the fastest bagger in Clarksville when I worked at Kroger and had to bag for him it wasn’t easy."

Although Anthony impressed social media users with his lightning fast scanning abilities, some people were also quick to mention how Aldi staff often have speedy checkout skills too.

A former employee at an American branch explained how Aldi staff have targets they must meet with every customer.

He revealed that the popular store times "every single thing you do" and can pull them aside for a "chat" if they're not up to speed.

The store worker said: "Aldi cashiers are supposed to scan 48 items per minute - over half of what normal grocery stores require.

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