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Woman caught on Walmart self-checkout cameras ‘stealing money from another customer’

By Emma Crabtree,


A WOMAN allegedly saw a customer in line forget her cash back - and took it for herself.

Court documents show that the 58-year-old from Rimersburg, Pennsylvania, faces criminal charges over the alleged incident.
A woman allegedly stole $20 from a self-checkout register after a customer forgot about it and walked away Credit: Getty
Police have reiterated that customers do not have a right to money that is not theirs and they should report it to an employee Credit: Getty

Tammy A. Brown reportedly snatched the $20 from a customer at a Walmart store in Monroe Township in Clarion County.

On Tuesday, February 14, the victim - who has not been named -reported a theft to Pennsylvania State Police in Clarion.

According to the complaint, the customer requested cash back from the self-checkout and walked away, forgetting to take her change.

In her report, she stated that she returned to the self-checkout kiosk within a minute and found Brown at the checkout.

She asked Brown about the money, but the woman allegedly claimed that no money came out of the register.

The victim double-checked her receipt which showed that she was given change and again asked Brown about the money.

Following the complaint, police looked at surveillance footage that reportedly showed Brown plainly taking the money from the self-checkout.

In the footage, police said, Brown can be seen putting the money straight into her purse.

Brown faces misdemeanor charges in the case and is due in court for a preliminary hearing in April.

It comes as Walmart is cracking down on theft and shoplifting, notably in relation to its self-checkout kiosks.

The U.S. Sun previously reported on an unrelated case where a man was seen on surveillance footage taking almost $100 in forgotten change from the dispenser of a self-checkout machine.

The alleged theft took place in Brownsville, Texas on March 5 at another Walmart store.

A man accidentally left his change behind and walked away with his groceries before another man was caught taking money from the dispenser without alerting employees that it had been left.

After a search, the Texas resident was identified but not charged with theft.

The man reportedly said he didn't think he did anything wrong, according to KRGV.

Law enforcement is still considering the incident a theft, and wanted to remind people that there is no such thing as "finders keepers."

The man also agreed to pay the money back to the person who it belonged to.

The victim decided they did not want to press charges and the cash-grabber was let off the hook.

Police hope that people will stay more alert to avoid leaving behind change, as well as understand that they are not permitted to take what isn't theirs.

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