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‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Defends Strategy After Fans Call Her Out for Having ‘Zero Common Sense’

By Abeni Tinubu,


Jeopardy! fans are once again proving that they are quite the passionate bunch. Some viewers of “America’s favorite quiz show” are making their feelings known about a recent contestant, and they aren’t pulling any punches. Some passionate fans have even taken to calling the recent contestant names. Fortunately, Karen Morris seems to be taking it all in stride. In fact, Morris has even gone out of her way to explain her strategy to those who have been hurling vitriol her way.
Jeopardy! set in 2010 | Amanda Edwards / Stringer

Karen Morris shocked ‘Jeopardy!’ fans when she made a risky Daily Double wage

Morris, of course, competed on Jeopardy! on Wednesday, March 22. For a while, it seemed as if the Christiansburg, Virginia, native has a fantastic shot at becoming a big winner. At the end of the second round, Morris had a pretty substantial lead over the other two contestants. She’d racked up a total of $21,800 in comparison to the other contestants, who’d earned $7,100 and $6,400, respectively. However, that all changed when the veterinary student made a risky Daily Double wage .

It seemed that Morris followed the “go big or go home” strategy when making her wager. Unfortunately, for her, risking $10,000 and getting the question wrong plummeted her total to 11,800, which inevitably cost her the win. It seems that Morris’ tactic shocked many Jeopardy! fans. Some even took to Twitter to call out the contestant for her blunder. “Karen may be smart, but she has zero common sense. #Jeopardy” one person named Jack tweeted . “Karen is such a buffoon,” another person called Jon Taylor penned on Twitter . “Rare to see someone lose like that. #Jeopardy”

The ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant defends her strategy

But despite the harsh words of some Jeopardy! fans, Morris doesn’t seem to regret her decision. In fact, she explained her tactic of wagering so much, saying that she knew that her polarizing decision would be entertaining. She also shared that her mind went a little blank when asked to place a bet. “I was kind of thinking, ‘I can lose ten grand and still be in the lead, and I’m here to have fun and entertain the audience, and I always said I would wager big, and also, I can’t think of any other numbers, so ten grand it is,” she wrote on Twitter .


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Morris still thoroughly enjoyed her time on ‘Jeopardy!’ despite not walking away as a winner

Morris’ tactic may have been polarizing, but she seems to be sticking by it. And despite getting completely roasted by some Jeopardy! fans, the Virginian seems to be handling the criticism well. Thus far, she’s reacted with humor and gratitude to those who defend her. Furthermore, she maintains that she had a ton of fun on the long-running game show, which is what matters to her most. Taking to her Twitter once more, she summed her feelings up perfectly. “Ultimately, I did what I did, and I had THE MOST FUN, and at the end of the day (I’m sorry Mom, I know you hate that phrase), it’s a game, and it’s a show, and it’s a game show.”

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