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Fearless House Cat Takes On And Defeats Hungry Coyote

By Brett Stayton,

Photo by Chuck Miller/Getty Images

Everybody loves rooting for an underdog. Even when the underdog is a cat, and it’s taking on an actual canine. This story of a house cat in California that went head to head with a hungry coyote and won is an awesome underdog story. For all intents and purposes, this cat should have been eaten by this coyote. In fact, according to results from a study recently explored by the Sacramento Bee, “domestic cats accounted for between 60 to 75 percent of urban coyote diets.” However, this story from Newsweek is far more inspiring for cat fans. A pet cat named Thor came face to face with a coyote earlier this week and walked away victorious.

The incident occurred near the town of Chico. The cat’s owner, Jennifer Roesner, told reporters that was terrified for her cat as she watched it all happen. She thought for sure the conflict was going to end with the coyote running off with her beloved pet. Instead, though, the 12-year-old cat managed to fight off the hungry predator.

Roesner describes the cat as rather lazy. She said it likes to sleep all day, but then prowl the neighborhood at night. She said she won’t be letting the cat roam free all night anymore though. According to her though, coyotes are a rare sight in the neighborhood, so what happened wasn’t really a concern. “We usually see raccoons and skunks almost every day and some deer sometimes, but we haven’t seen a coyote here in years, so that was kind of scary,” she said.

House Cat Squares Off In Front Yard Of California House

Action News Now shared video footage of the incident along with a news report about it. A reporter was on site in the backyard to discuss an increase in coyote sightings in the area. The standoff happened just after 5 AM. The coyote can be seen trying to prey on the cat, but the cat simply doesn’t back down. It stands its ground, makes itself look big, and winds up intimidating the coyote off his turf. At one point the cat even looks prepared to attack the coyote.

Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: House cat lives to tell the 'tail' after going head to head with a coyote (

Cat And Coyote Fight It Out On Texas Front Porch

This cat isn’t the only potential prey animal that has recently scared off a hungry coyote though. Like any wild animal, turkey hens are particularly protective of their offspring. Wild turkey hens are often willing to put their own safety and well-being on the line in order to protect their nests and their poults. With the breeding window now open for wild turkeys down in Florida, the hunting season is in full swing. It looks like the maternal instinct of the turkey hens down there is also in full effect. The astonishing video shows a coyote pulling up in the distance to size up a flock of wild turkeys. In the heat of the moment, a handful of turkey hens flock together. They start running down the coyote like they’re looking for a fight. The coyote takes off before getting spurred.

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