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Luke Getsy's Goal: Keep Justin Fields Playing Freely

By Gene Chamberlain,


Earlier in OTAs, Bears coach Matt Eberflus said he wanted Justin Fields to be more economical with the use of his legs and look to run largely in critical situations.

It's a pervasive theme with the Bears offense this year as they try to pass more, but offensive coordinator Luke Getsy doesn't want anyone to think he plans to take away Fields' athleticism to turn him into a mechanical man.

"I by no means will make that guy robotic."

-Luke Getsy on Bears QB Justin Fields

"I by no means will make that guy robotic," Getsy said before Wednesday's OTA practice. "I don't believe in doing that with any player. But there's a way to refine it all and improve our decision-making and trusting our timing and rhythm and we'll take it from there."

The great concern is the Bears could do something with Fields in his second year within the offense like the former coaching regime did with Mitchell Trubisky when they told him to buy time to throw with his feet and cut down on the running.

It's a wise aim because Fields could do plenty of damage by moving out of the pocket and then throwing, but Getsy doesn't want this misinterpreted so people think he doesn't want Fields to scramble.

"I think the running part of it, most of that is a natural thing once you're in the moment," Getsy said. "But decision-making, we're working on every single day. Timing and rhythm we're working on every single day. And lastly, the situation that you're in, putting that all together, you're just increasing the football IQ so you know better when to take those opportunities and when not to, because there are plenty of times on film that he shouldn't do it, and even though it worked out for us, in the long run, there's a better decision. There's a better way.

"And then there's times I can coach and say, 'You should do this,' but then his instincts tell him to do something and we have to trust that, too."

Getsy sees the mental aspect of it coming along for Fields and it's apparent in their meetings compared with where it was this time last year.

"It's a treat," he said. "We spend a lot of time together. (Quarterbacks) coach (Andrew) Janocko, myself and the quarterbacks, we're together a lot. It's a treat.

"Justin is someone that is super focused, works his tail off in every aspect of it. The physical part of it, on-field part of it, the training part of it, and then in the meeting room, he is focused. The conversations, where your growth is, the types of conversations we're having now in that room are really a different level than they were last year as far as where he can go with his growth and everything."

The goal now is combining everything and getting a natural success and not a robot.


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