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Bennedict Mathurin believes Dalen Terry's defense will earn him more playing time for Chicago Bulls

By Stephen Beslic,


Bennedict Mathurin believes the opportunity for success will come for his former college teammate Dalen Terry.

Indiana Pacers rookie Bennedict Mathurin knows what Chicago Bulls rookie Dalen Terry is all about and said that it's only going to be a matter of time before the guard will make an impact in the league.

“It’s only going to get better from here. I feel like opportunity will come his way because he’s really good defensively. And defense can be a thing for any player to get minutes and trust from the coaching staff,” said Mathurin .

Tight bond

Terry and Mathurin were very close, both on and off the court, at the University of Arizona. Whether it was competing against one another in practice or winning 33 games in their last season together, the two have a tight bond that has only grown since their college days.

“That’s my guy,” shared Mathurin, the sixth overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, who's now making waves not only as a potential Rookie of the Year but also as the Sixth Man of the Year. “Plays hard all the time. Great team player. Loves winning. He knows how to win also.”

Different paths

Although the two have gone on wildly different paths since college—Mathurin being a solid rotation piece for the Indiana Pacers while Terry has only seen 55 minutes of NBA action this season—Mathurin says they are the players they are today because of all the work they put in together.

“Playing against each other really helped both of us,” the Pacers' forward said.

Terry agreed with his statement.

"When we guarded each other in practice, it was always a battle. He’s someone with a competitive edge who is willing to go back at you," the Bulls rookie said.

The two actually crossed paths in the dying moments of the Bulls-Pacers game, as Mathurin stole the ball from Terry, who was trying to dribble the clock out.

As the NBA season winds down, Mathurin is hopeful that Terry will get a chance to showcase his talents more often as the Bulls make a run for the playoffs. If he does, it'll be because of all the hard work they put in during their time at the University of Arizona.

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