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Video of Massive Storm Battering Carnival Cruise Ship Near South Carolina Is Terrifying

By Kathleen Joyce,


Cruise ships are built to withstand a lot while out on the high seas, even sailing through heavy storms. For one Carnival cruise , though, a recent encounter with a sudden storm pushed both the ship and its passengers to their limits.

The Carnival Sunshine was sailing back to Charleston , South Carolina after a trip to the Bahamas when it sailed right into a dangerous storm. Last night, @abcworldnews talked with passengers and shared their shocking footage.


A Carnival’s #Sunshine #cruise sailed into a frightening #storm heading back to Charleston, SC with rolling seas battering the ship for hours. Passengers recorded #sea spray reaching the upper decks and water #leaking into cabins. #VictorOquendo reports. #WorldNewsTonight #WNT #News #ABCNews #Cruiseship #stormywaters #SouthCarolina #Charleston #Bahamas #Titanic

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We've seen some pretty wild stuff filmed on cruise ships sailing through bad weather before, but this was a whole other step beyond. Waves big enough to slam the upper decks and powerful winds hit the ship hard for hours and hours on end, with minimal communication from the crew to passengers.

The ship was in just as much chaos inside as it was outside. It got to the point where sea water leaked into the passenger decks, leaving passengers waterlogged and terrified. As if that wasn't bad enough, photos and testimonials from cruisers showed other areas of the ship in disarray. Passenger Brenda Goodwin Shobert posted photos of several bars and stores on the Sunshine trashed from the ship's violent motion.

"It was a rough night. I was in the piano bar when the worst hit and 30-40 bottles of liquor jumped off the wall. We were told to exit when the floor was covered by running liquor," affirmed passenger @flyerscaptain on Twitter.

The coastal storm, which came and went quickly over Memorial Day weekend, wasn't classified as a tropical storm or anything stronger. However, its winds still blew at hurricane strength forces, and with the storm sitting off the coast of South Carolina , the ship had no choice but to sail through it to reach their destination.

Other than minor medical issues, the crew and passengers thankfully made it safely through the rough seas . CBS News reports that the Carnival Sunshine had to temporarily take several crew cabins out of commission due to water damage, and the start of the next cruise was also delayed due to the circumstances. The ship has since set sail safely once more, hopefully with no more storms in sight.

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