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Zoom uses Pride month to introduce pronoun sharing option

It's Pride month, which is as good a time as any for Zoom to start giving users the option of displaying their preferred pronouns within the video conferencing app. But while the new Pronouns feature will have undoubted appeal to the LGBTQ community, Zoom recognizes that there is wider interest too.
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How Zoom's Core Values Gave Its Team Direction During the Pandemic

A company's core values inevitably take on extra importance during difficult times. Zoom, the videoconferencing platform that became arguably the most important online tool of the pandemic, is a prime example. Almost overnight, Zoom became more than just another remote meeting app; it connected families and allowed millions of businesses to function normally.
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CoinZoom Launches CoinZoom Earn Wallet Offering Up to 7.5% APY

CoinZoom, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and fintech company has announced its launch of CoinZoom Earn. This is an investment tool that rewards users with up to 7.5% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) interest on 40+ cryptocurrency and USD holdings. Crypto holdings include Bitcoin, Ethereum. CoinZoom offers users comprehensive services including buying,...

Zoom Class: Should Students Keep Their Cameras On?

Last year students were encouraged to keep their cameras on during Zoom classes. Things are different this year, and there is research to suggest that video is not always effective. I teach a first-year seminar each fall. Last year we met remotely—via Zoom during regularly scheduled class times. I wrestled...
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CISO Jason Lee on Zoom's response to its pandemic security challenges

Jason Lee joined Zoom in June 2020 to become the videoconferencing platform’s CISO. The company was midway through a 90-day security plan launched to address security and privacy issues exacerbated by Zoom’s meteoritic growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic and mass shift to remote working. Lee was tasked with overseeing strategies to drive the organization toward a cybersecurity and privacy posture more in scope with its rapidly advancing customer base, features offering and use requirements, all under increasing public scrutiny.

Zoom is making the ‘work-from-anywhere’ future

When the pandemic shut down offices, the world of work changed. Millions of us took our laptops home and opened up modern video communication platforms like Zoom, picking up where we left off without a hitch. In the last year, users have spent more than 3.5 trillion minutes — equivalent to 6.5 million years — on Zoom calls. But what started as a stopgap measure to tide us over while we worked from home has become an integral part of the new world of work.
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Texas Robbery Suspects Busted Thanks to Zoom

Gotcha! Not all Zoom goofs are funny, especially this story of a San Antonio woman being held at gunpoint while being robbed by three suspects and having her home ransacked. Fortunately for the homeowner, she was on a Zoom call in her bedroom, and on the other end of the camera, albeit likely horrified, her co-workers were witnessing the entire incident and immediately called for help.
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You Can Now Add Your Pronouns On Zoom And Display Them In All Your Meetings

PSA: You can now display and share your pronouns while using Zoom, thanks to a welcome update. On Tuesday, June 22, the videoconferencing company unveiled the inclusive feature as a part of Zoom 5.7.0 — and the update is making it so easy to express yourself on the platform. Here’s how to add your pronouns on Zoom, display them in meetings (if you want to), and manage how and when they show up.

AVer Information’s VB130 and CAM130 Certified For Zoom

AVer Information’s s VB 130 Video Bar and Cam130 4K Camera are now certified for Zoom, meaning the devices will work seamlessly with the popular videoconferencing platform. Zoom’s certification program puts devices – including Aver’s two camera products – through lab tests to verify their quality and ensure their intuitive features can be integrated with the Zoom platform. The VB130 and CAM130 devices met those high quality standards and passed the tests, according to AVer.
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Is Zoom Stock Dead With Vaccines Rolling Out?

It's no secret that Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:ZM) was the stock to own in 2020. The vast majority of face-to-face interactions worldwide were replaced with the company's application in a matter of weeks. Never before has such a company become so important, so quickly. But after the stock advanced over...

The Nike Zoom Type Crater Outfitted With Recycled Foam Material

When it comes to the Nike Zoom Type, the most defining feature of the edgy silhouette is probably the stacked sole design. From speckled stylings to vibrant hues that deviate from the base, the foam sole unit has been a site for surprises among a handful of releases. An upcoming Zoom Type continues to ask Nike fans to expect the unexpected by flaunting a tinted Crater foam base.
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This monitor has been specially designed to help you ace Zoom calls

HP is looking to make Zoom calls a bit less unpleasant with the release of a new monitor designed especially for video conferencing calls. The HP E24mv G4 FHD Conferencing Monitor is the world’s first Zoom certified monitor so users can expect a superb conferencing experience with technologies designed to work seamlessly with Zoom.
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Where To Meet Up With Coworkers That Isn’t A Zoom Call

As much as you love your coworkers, there’s just something deeply unsatisfying about Zoom Happy Hours. Maybe it’s because you still have other windows running in the background full of unfinished projects and deadline reminders. Or maybe, just maybe - after a year of ceaseless meetings, family events, and celebrations on the almighty video calling app, you’re just exhausted from all the time spent on Zoom. We know we are.
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First A Zoom Wedding, Then the Destination Wedding In Cabo

A destination wedding in Cabo turned intimate Zoom Wedding. This couple had their wedding plans come to a halt due to Covid-19 however they still wanted to keep their same wedding date as they were so excited to be starting their married life. Married by a close family friend, these two love birds had an intimate zoom wedding. Once they were able to travel again, they finally took that Cabo trip with their family and friends and had the beach wedding of their dreams thanks to an amazing team of vendors who put it all together.
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Can you display your gender pronouns in Zoom meetings?

Zoom has introduced an update that allows users to display their preferred gender pronouns while in meetings. Previously, if users wanted to share their pronouns they had to manually add them to their display names. And if you had done that but didn’t want to share them in a particular meeting, you had to remember to go into your settings and manually delete them.