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Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad

PERRY, OH- Perry Ohio hosted a special event that took you back to a time when trains were the new way of transportation. The Western Scenic Railroad is an event where people can get on a train and relive the old Western days with actors dressing up as robbers trying to rob the train to give the experience a more old-timey feeling.
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Barbershop Quartet Concert at Secrest Auditorium

ZANESVILLE, OH- The Secrest Auditorium is the best location in Zanesville for a wide variety of different types of entertainment from Musicals to Band Concerts, Secrest Auditorium has it all. And recently, a Barbershop Quartet hosted an Acapella event called Beads, Bibs and Barbershop. Lead Singer of the Barbershop Quartet...

Public Records: Restaurant Inspections

The following are restaurant inspections with critical violations, as conducted by the Guernsey County Health Department, in the month of August.  August 10 Jackie's Family Restaurant, 9792 Plainfield Road, Kimbolton. The handwashing sink is being used for purposes other than hand washing. Potato slicer observed with food debris buildup. Chili and pork chops observed...

Effingham Sturges was founding father of local golf

After placing the ball on the tee, I focused upon the middle of the fairway and then, looking down, yelled “eight” before blasting away, sending my golf ball spiraling into a thicket to the right of the course. A gentleman playing behind me, who no doubt was trying to be helpful, said, “Son, you should yell 'fore,' not 'eight.'”

'I got hooked from the start'

After 47 years in law enforcement, Guernsey County Auxiliary officer Robert "Fuzzy" Mizer officially called it a career on Aug. 22, his final day in uniform serving the people of Guernsey County. And that's what Mizer expressed he would miss the most - the people. "I just enjoy people, guess...

Veterans column: Newark's Harvey helps prevent World War II crash

Robert Russell Harvey was born in Newark on June 24, 1922 to World War One Army veteran Russell B. and Eva Harvey. Robert was the oldest son and gained local notoriety in a newspaper article that was published in the Newark Advocate on May 5, 1929. The article, which ran with a picture of the smiling youth, was headlined, ‘Youngest Hunter Shoots 4 Rabbits.’ It read, “Robert Harvey, 7, son of Russell Harvey, probably Newark youngest hunter, got 4 rabbits with his 410-gauge shotgun when he went hunting with his dad early in the hunting season. The boy is a crack shot with the rifle. He is regularly licensed.”

Neinast: How the Newark Earthworks connects to the moon

Most readers know that the Octagon earthworks in Newark are somehow related to the Moon. But how are they related and what did the ancient mound builders know about the moon?. Ancient peoples would have noticed the movements of the sun and the moon and the progression of the seasons. Each day as summer approached, the eastern rise point of the Sun moved north. It then hovered around the same place (which we call the solstice northern maximum) for about a month before heading south again. It continued heading south into the winter, hovered at what we call the solstice southern maximum, and then headed north again. They also would have noticed that in the summertime, the Sun stays in the sky for a long time each day, but in the wintertime, it lingers but a short while.

Soccer Team Drops Match to Zanesville

The Cambridge boys’ soccer team dropped a 3-1 decision to Zanesville Saturday. Briley Hamm scored the loan Bobcat goal on an assist from Lucas Parsons. Andrew LePlante had eight saves in goal for Cambricge.

EAA Vintage-Fly-In at Zanesville Municipal Airport

ZANESVILLE, OH- Zanesville Municipal Airport hosted EAA Vintage-Fly-In, an event held every Fall where people can get together and see and learn more about aviation’s. Member of Vintage Chapter 22 Darlene Ford spoke about what the purpose of this event was to the community of Zanesville. “Just to get...

Roundup: Rosecrans, Zanesville get boys soccer wins

COLUMBUS — Grady Labishak kicked a pair of goals as visiting Rosecrans emerged with a 3-1 win against Columbus Ready in a nonleague match on Saturday. Labishak also had the assist on Evan Tolliver's goal, while Steven Porter assisted on one of Labishak's. Porter also had seven saves at goal.

Cross Country Team Completes at Caldwell Classic

The Cambridge cross country team competed at the Caldwell Fall Classic Saturday with two Middle School runners winning medals. Overall, both varsity and Middle School runners ran well, setting new personal records for the season and career. Skye Craft placed 5th with a time of 14:22.7, and Marley Mathers came...