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9-year-old is the youngest person to graduate high school

After graduating from high school, a 9-year-old Pennsylvania kid who ambitions of becoming an astrophysicist is one step closer to his goal. David Balogun began his education at Harrisburg's Reach Cyber Charter School as a third-grader and has now earned his high school graduation after completing the requisite subjects virtually from his home in Bensalem.
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5 of Our Favorite Buffets in Pennsylvania

PENNSYLVANIA - There are several options if you're looking for the best buffet in Pennsylvania. These include Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl, Dienner's Country Restaurant in Ronks, Chen's Mongolian Buffet in State College, and the Lititz Family Cupboard Restaurant in Lititz. These eateries offer authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cooking and are great for sharing a hearty meal.

4 Amazing Burger Places in Pennsylvania

If you live in Pennsylvania and you love eating burgers, here is a list of four amazing burger places in Pennsylvania that are well-known for serving absolutely delicious food, made with fresh ingredients only so definitely check them out if you haven't already.

Exploring Gettysburg | America’s Defining Moment in History

Gettysburg, PA - Nestled into America’s rural countryside lies a small town that was the epicenter of the war just a few generations ago. In this scene, the future of the United States hung in the balance. It was where months later, a tall, lanky president arrived on a train and later delivered an immortal speech that would turn the town from a place of epic tragedy into a symbol of hope.

This Famous Spot on Rt. 30 Can Become Yours for $2.4 Million

It's nothing less than a local landmark, Dutch Haven Shoo-Fly Pie Bakery. Located on Lincoln Highway in Ronks, it's hard to miss the unique property along Route 30. According to their website, Dutch Haven is Route 30’s original Amish crafts store and the largest Amish souvenir store in Lancaster County. Since 1946, the spot has been famous for what's been named "America’s best Shoo-Fly Pie".