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A 5-Alarm Fire is Burning at a Warehouse in Madison, Illinois

Multiple news sources are reporting that there's a massive fire burning at a warehouse in Madison, Illinois. Residents in the area are currently sheltering in place. I saw this huge blaze reported by KSDK in St. Louis, Fox 2 in St. Louis among others. This is a recycling warehouse owned by Interco. They report that fire crews arrived at around 11:30am Wednesday morning.

A Sinister Caretaker Supposedly Haunts Illinois Cemetery

I love walking in cemeteries and I am fascinated by the paranormal so when I found an abandoned haunted cemetery I got a bit excited. Bachelors Grove Cemetery has been left abandoned since the late 1980s and there are stores after stores of people visiting the creepy place and experiencing some sort of paranormal siting. The history of the cemetery is very interesting it was founded in the late 1800s and was closed off by people and left abandoned due to vandalism.

This Ark Airbnb is an Easy Day Trip from Missouri & Illinois

Ever wanted to sleep in a building that resembles Noah's Ark? You can and it's an easy day trip from pretty much anywhere in Missouri or Illinois. Of the thousands of Airbnb's I've seen, this might be the most unique of them all. It's an ark that's really a home and it's located in the northern part of Tennessee in Springfield which is basically just to the east of Clarksville. This place has become so famous, it was even featured in an article in Southern Living.