Royal Family News: Inside Meghan Markle’s Secret Baby Delivery

Royal Family news reveals the world was taken by surprise when news arrived on Sunday, June 6 that the Duchess of Sussex had given birth to her baby girl on Friday, June 4. For two days, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were able to keep the news of their daughter’s delivery from the tabloids.
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Leicester postman returns Father's Day letter sent to heaven

A mother whose eight-year-old daughter posted a Father's Day letter addressed to her dad in heaven said she was overwhelmed when it was returned to her by a postman. The postman, who recently lost his own father, managed to track down Sarah Tully after a social media appeal. He said...

North Korea Has Collapsed: The Headline You Don’t Want to Ever See

Starvation, loose nukes, chaos, and even a Chinese intervention are all likely. What is left to say at this point when it comes to that “Hermit Kingdom” everyone loves to hate? North Korea, or also known as the so-called Democratic People’s Republic, is the ultimate Pandora’s Box and every president’s worst nightmare: A-bombs, chemical toxins, biological weapons and missiles to lob them all over the world—including now at the continental United States. And Pyongyang knows how to get the news cycle to turn its way—thanks to making Northeast Asia shake with nuclear weapons tests.
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Adorable moment wild elephant calf enjoys ‘mud spa’ in China

This is the adorable moment a baby elephant from a herd trekking through China’s southwest Yunnan province splashes around in a mud puddle. The calf can be seen rolling in the water in the video, dunking its head under and swishing its trunk around in the muddy pool. Some of the other animals take a dip too.
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Iran says U.S. to lift oil sanctions, Germany cautious on matter

DUBAI, June 23 (Reuters) - Iran said on Wednesday the United States had agreed to remove all sanctions on Iran's oil and shipping, although Germany cautioned that major issues remained at talks between Tehran and world powers to revive a 2015 nuclear deal. The Iranian remarks, by outgoing President Hassan...

watch china build a 10-story building in 28 hours and 45 minutes

Chinese manufacturing company BROAD group has built a ten-story apartment building in just over a day. the company, which has been developing factory-made steel buildings since 2009, unveiled a video which shows the building process which resembles that of building cars: streamlined production, high quality, and low cost. dubbed the...

Over 283 Pakistani nationals face daily deportation

Islamabad [Pakistan], June 24 (ANI): Displaying a "failure" of Pakistan missions abroad, over 283 Pakistani nationals are being deported by over a hundred countries daily since 2015 for illegal entry, having bogus travel documents or expiry of their work permits in the host countries, said reports. According to official data,...
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Instagram influencer Oli London slammed for announcing they ‘identify as non-binary Korean’

Instagram influencer Oli London has been hit with a social media storm after coming out as a “non-binary person who identifies as Korean.”. Last week, the self-styled “British reality TV personality and K-Pop singer”, 31, announced that they would now be using the pronouns “they/them/Korean/Jimin,” – the latter being a reference to BTS star Park Jimin.
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Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne lands new role in Belize’s House of Representatives

Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne was elected to the Belize House of Representatives last November and has made quite an impression during his short time in politics. Shyne, whose real name is Jamal Michael Barrow, has been appointed as Belize’s Leader of the Opposition and announced his new role on Instagram. The new leadership role is described as commanding “the support of those elected officials that do not support the Government.”
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North Korea Should Worry: Meet South Korea’s New KF-21 ‘Stealthy’ Fighter

In April, South Korea unveiled the first prototype of its new indigenously produced fighter, more than five years after the KF-X was first announced. Dubbed the KF-21 Boramae, the country has hailed the aircraft as a major victory for South Korea’s domestic aviation industry and as a sign of the country’s growing self-sufficiency in the defense industry, with South Korean President Moon Jae-in describing the KF-21 as representing a “new era of independent defense” and a “historic milestone in the development of the [South Korean] aviation industry”.
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Cramming cities full of electric vehicles means we're still depending on cars — and that's a huge problem

This week, the NSW government announced almost A$500 million towards boosting the uptake of electric vehicles. In its new electric vehicle strategy, the government will waive stamp duty for cars under $78,000, develop more charging infrastructure, offer rebates to 25,000 drivers, and more. Given the transport sector is Australia’s second-largest polluter, it’s a good thing Australian governments are starting to plan for a transition to electric vehicles (EVs). But transitioning from cities full of petrol-guzzling vehicles to cities full of electric ones won’t address all of the environmental and social problems associated with car dependence and mass manufacturing. So, let’s...
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North Korean workers, volunteers warned against disobedience

June 24 (UPI) -- North Korean workers have no right to refuse state orders, the regime's media said Thursday, as the country could be preparing to overcome a food shortage amid the coronavirus pandemic. Workers' Party paper Rodong Sinmun said Thursday North Korean laborers have no right to back out...