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Pregnant woman, who was told by doctors that her baby would be born ‘brain dead’, says she will give birth to her son twice after undergoing a cutting-edge operation to save the baby’s life

Pregnant woman claims she will reportedly give birth to her baby twice in just 3 months after undergoing a cutting-edge operation to save the baby’s life. Doctors told the woman and her fiancé that their first child would be born “brain dead” and would have no chance at leading a quality life. But, after getting second and third opinions from other specialists, she learned that there was hope for her son. She said that doctors at another hospital agreed to perform a rare operation on the unborn baby. The pregnant woman underwent numerous medical tests to see if she and the baby were deemed well enough for such a procedure.
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Surrogate Refuses to Let Mother-in-Law in Delivery Room

Surrogates have rights too, they're not just a vessel. Infertility can be one major reason why a couple will choose a surrogate to have a child. Data shows that about 1 in 5 women are considered to struggle from infertility, meaning that after a year of trying to get pregnant they cannot bring a pregnancy to term.
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Ashley Graham Opens Up About Pregnancy Loss and Giving Birth to Twins

Ashley Graham has always openly shared her personal experiences with motherhood. For years, the model has been an advocate for body positivity, sharing glimpses into difficult moments in her life and empowering other people who have given birth to speak honestly and freely about their own journeys as well. Most recently, in a deeply personal essay penned for Glamour on May 20, Graham candidly reflected on her experience with pregnancy loss, giving birth to twins, and learning to love her postpartum body.
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CPAC chief boasts US abortion ban could be part of solution to ‘great replacement’

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp on Thursday told a gathering of right-wing activists that banning abortion and forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term would be a good way to boost birth rates of “our own people” and stave off the “great replacement” many Republicans and white supremacists fear will result from increased levels of immigration to the United States.The former George W Bush aide was speaking in Budapest, where the ACU is holding an edition of its Conservative Political Action Conference in hopes of promoting greater ties between the Republican Party and Hungarian authoritarian leader Viktor Orban’s...

Denying abortion access has a negative impact on children and families

The Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court proceedings in the United States have put the spotlight on the issue of abortion rights. Limiting access to safe abortions has many consequences, including increases in poverty, unemployment and pregnancy-related deaths. Another key area of impact from restricting abortion access is on family well-being and child development.

Abortion Activists Depicted in ‘The Janes’ Sound Alarm About Possible Roe v. Wade Overturn: ‘It’s Going to Be Horrible’

Click here to read the full article. Following Doc10 Film Festival’s opening night screening of “The Janes” on May 19, several original members The Jane Collective — an underground abortion clinic led by women in the pre-Roe v. Wade era — urged audience members to take to the streets and get focused on protecting women’s reproductive rights, now believed to be at risk with a new Supreme Court ruling in the works. “The fight is not over,” said Marie Leaner, a former Jane. “It’s only just begun.” “The Janes” is one of 10 docus that will screen during the four-day Chicago-based festival....

Abortion care doctor tells Republican congressman she ‘cannot fathom’ aborting a child halfway through the birth canal

An abortion care provider pushed back on questions from a Republican congressman when she was asked about whether she would ever abort a foetus that was halfway through the birth canal.The questioning took place during a House Judiciary Committee hearing focusing on how abortion rights are at risk. The hearing came after Politico reported a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that enshrined the right of women to seek an abortion.Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana asked Dr Yashica Robinson, an obstetrician-gynecologist based in Huntsville, Alabama, whether she supports the right of...

The "Grey's Anatomy" Cast Reunite to Deliver a PSA About Reproductive Health

The doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital are teaming up for reproductive justice. On May 19, Shonda Rhimes posted an Instagram video of the "Grey's Anatomy" cast spreading awareness for safe sex. Following the leaked Supreme Court draft threatening to upend Roe v. Wade, countless celebrities are using their platforms to stand up for reproductive rights, so of course our favorite onscreen doctors had to get in on the important conversation. In a partnership with Bedsider, an online birth-control support network for women between the ages of 18 and 29, the familiar faces spliced their advice about effective contraception. Online health clinics are vital in a time when reproductive rights could vary greatly by state.

Woman gives birth and graduates college — on the same day

An aspiring lawyer who graduated college and gave birth to her first child — on the same day — received her diploma in the hospital. Jada Sayles, 21, was studying criminal justice at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana, when she discovered she was pregnant. "I took six...

Menopause and the health risks associated with increased adiposity

A study published in Aging Cell and conducted in the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, revealed that menopausal transition increases women's body fat, especially in the waist area. Therefore, to alleviate the health risks related to fat accumulation, women are recommended in mid-life to pay special attention to good lifestyle habits—physical activity and healthy diet—to help alleviate the health risks related to fat accumulation.

23-year-old mom-to-be, who once gave birth to her newborn before doctors reinserted the tot inside her womb after successful treatment, says she is ready to deliver the baby once again

Since the start of the pandemic more than two years ago, pregnant women and young mothers have had hard times to keep themselves and their newborns safe from the virus. While hospitals were working with limited resources for non-Covid patients and they were exposed to a high risk with every single hospital visit, the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines was yet another huge problem for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers in deciding whether they should get immunized against Covid-19.

The Connection Between Mental Health and Abortion Rights

Losing autonomy over reproductive freedom can be predictive of negative mental health. The Turnaway Study suggests that restricting abortions could increase domestic violence and suicidality for females. Women denied abortions are susceptible to pregnancy complications and their ability to bond with the offspring may be compromised. The landmark case of...

These women say they performed thousands of abortions in Chicago before it was legal

Heather Booth started an underground abortion network called JANE. In the late 60s through early 70s, the group performed thousands of illegal abortions just before Roe v Wade was decided. On this week’s episode of “Reality Check with John Avlon: Extremist Beat,” Heather explains why women sought out their services and what happened in a police raid where 7 of the women were arrested.

Days before Oklahoma bans abortion, details still uncertain

Oklahoma is only days away from enacting the toughest U.S. state ban on abortion and providers are preparing to stop terminating pregnancies while questions remained Friday about enforcement of the law's limited exceptions.The law allows abortions to save a pregnant patient's life “in a medical emergency” and in cases of rape, sexual assault or incest that have been reported to law enforcement. But it doesn't spell out who decides what is considered a medical emergency, and the rape and incest exception won't help victims who don't report the crimes against them to police. State officials didn't immediately have answers...

Opinion: I would rather have an abortion than give a baby up for adoption

*This is a work of nonfiction and opinion based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission. When I was twenty-three I got pregnant accidentally. I say accidentally because I was on birth control at the time, I just happened to be one of the one percent of the population that still gets pregnant, anyway.

What overturning Roe v. Wade could mean for women who experience pregnancy loss

On my path to motherhood, I experienced miscarriages. Plural. And I am not ashamed to talk openly about it. It is more common than people think, but it is also individually heartbreaking. To be honest, I did not know that much about what happens after a miscarriage until I experienced it myself. One of my losses was around eight weeks pregnant, and the doctor called it a “missed miscarriage”. This meant that although the baby was no longer viable, my body would not let go of it on its own. There was no heartbeat, but I also had not miscarried the baby yet. My pregnancy hormones were still very high, and my body really wanted to believe it was still pregnant.

Oklahoma Bill Would Ban Almost All Abortions at Fertilization

May 20, 2022 – The Oklahoma Legislature on Thursday approved a bill that outlaws almost all abortions from the point of fertilization. If Gov. Kevin Stitt signs the bill as he has promised, the state would have the most restrictive abortion law in the nation. The Oklahoma bill defines...