Father of Accident Victim At Battle Creek Flight Show Honors Son

What should have been a memorable and enjoyable weekend in Battle Creek for the Field & Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival turned into an unimaginably devastating time for one family, as shortly after 1 p.m. on Saturday, Chris Darnell, who drove the SHOCKWAVE Truck, tragically suffered a fatal accident. Chris was the husband of Brooke with twi daughters, Reese & Taylor, and left behind a legacy of being a model husband and son. During the most difficult time in his life, Chris' father Neal took to Facebook and had the courage to release a statement regarding the incident:

Accident At Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show Causes Death

Update from Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival:. The remaining air show for today has been cancelled out of respect for the incident that has occurred. This evening’s activities remain on schedule. We appreciate everyone’s understanding at this time. We also apologize for the time it took to relay this due to internet issues.
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Muskegon Soldier Was Only One To Fight With Both U.S. & Red Army In WW2

Muskegon, Michigan is home to a truly unique soldier from WW2 who has a claim no other soldier from that war can make. Because of unfortunate situations involving being captured multiple times by Nazis, Joseph Robert Beyrle was the only soldier in the war to fight with both the United States AND Red Armies. In fact, he seemingly came back from the dead because when he showed up at the U.S Embassy in Moscow with a Soviet military convoy in February 1945, he learned that he had been reported by the U.S. War Department as killed in action on June 10, 1944. America's Military History recently shared his incredible story:

Mike’s Pizza & Subs In Sturgis Is Closing; Hopefully Opening In New Location

For residents of Sturgis, there's been a staple location to grab a slice over the past 39 years at Mike's Pizza & Subs which will soon close its doors for reasons beyond their control, as they've announced Friday, July 15th will be the final time they heat the ovens up at their location at 112 West Chicago road. The company made the announcement on their Facebook page to let their locals and regulars know, while also shedding light on the hope that they'll return soon:

Will This Be The New Logo If UCLA, USC Join The Big Ten?

So is the Magic Kingdom going to replace the stylized logo the Big Ten Conference has now? (The "Plus" sure fits.) I've referred to the Big Ten as "the conference that can't count" for years, but if you sprinkle some fairy dust on USC and UCLA and make them members, that still adds up to 16, and not ten. There's time to figure out logistics, but this move makes a loud and clear statement: Big time college sports and now Big Ten athletics, especially football, is more than ever about money. And with this move, the Big Ten can keep up with the SEC.

They’re a 10 but…. Michigan Edition

Chances are, you've seen it going around... "He/She's a 7, but they (insert red flag item here)..." It's all over Facebook and Twitter. Tik Tok even has a filter for it now so people can react to whatever "the catch" is. What could "bump up" a homely-looking person, or completely "tank" an extremely attractive person? Well, there's a few things I think we could apply this to in Michigan. Here's just a few examples:

Check Out the Newest Sweet Shack in Downtown Otsego!

As I was making my daily commute from Kalamazoo back to my hometown of Allegan, I noticed an unfamiliar structure sitting in downtown Otsego. Nestled in the alley between Nanna Roo's Wild Boutique & Open Market and the Otsego Barbershop, the structure is so small that if you blinked you might miss it!

At Least 10 Fallout Shelters You Can Still Spot In West Michigan

Who knew that Michigan had so many fallout shelters?. In the 50s and 60s, discussions about the potential need for fallout shelters were very common. After all, it hadn't even been a decade since the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima (1945). In the aftermath, America set up the Federal Civil Defense Administration which worked to,

Emoni Bates Returns Home To Play Basketball At Eastern Michigan

Emoni Bates is a talented basketball player born in Ann Arbor and raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He attended and played basketball at Lincoln High school before transferring to Ypsi Prep Academy and what a high school career he had! He was named Michigan's Gatorade Player, MaxPreps Freshman, and AP Division 1 Player of the year, along with All-State First team honors as a freshman.

Will This Portage Mother Land on the Cover of Maxim?

Voting for this Portage mother and business owner could get her on the cover of Maxim and help Homes for Wounded Warriors. Maxim Magazine recently launched a cover girl competition. You can vote for your favorite potential cover girl one time for free. After that, you can pay for votes with all of the money going to a great cause according to,

Battle Creek Field Of Flight Road Closures Announced

It’s that time of year when throngs of vehicles, heading for the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival, are clogging local roadways in the vicinity of the Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field. The five-day event normally attracts between 100,000 to 120,000 visitors, flocking...

Open Letter To Tenacious D: Please Come Back To Kalamazoo

Ever since Dec 06, 2001, when Tenacious D played the Wings Event Center along with Weezer & Jimmy Eat World, Kalamazoo has had a warm spot for The D. In fact, it's that concert that kind of set off this weird connection between Michigan and Jack Black & Kyle Gass. In their song "The Road" they mention us in the line, "I met a tasty baby in Michigan." I'm going to assume that was inspired by Kalamazoo, as their first album was released in September later that year.

Delta Gave Multiple Passengers $10,000 to Give Up Their Seats in Grand Rapids

If an airline offered you $10,000 to give up your seat would you take it? Multiple people took that offer Monday morning in Grand Rapids. Air travel can be super stressful for many reasons. The most frustrating moments are those completely out of your control. For example, the airline overbooking your flight. I'm a pretty basic guy. If your jet has 152 seats, you sell 152 seats. Then you stop selling seats. The airline won't go bankrupt if a couple of people cancel and you have a few empty seats. The one thing airlines do correctly, in my opinion, is offer cash in exchange for voluntarily giving up your seat. Sometimes they'll offer flight vouchers, which can be valuable. But money talks.

Michigan’s Native Howl Win Hit Parader’s No Cover Competition

When the final history book of rock n roll is written the world will take notice that on Wednesday, June 29th 2021, some of music’s biggest influencers officially took notice that the future of rock is about to get “folked” up. It was this night that Gavin Rossdale, Lzzy Hale, Alice Cooper, Bishop Briggs and Tosin Abasi unanimously chose Leonard, MI’s own The Native Howl as the inaugurals winners of Hit Parader’s No Cover show.