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Kissimmee River reborn after decades and $1 billion for world’s largest restoration of its kind

One of the state’s most notorious environmental atrocities, the deliberate destruction of the Kissimmee River midway between Central and South Florida, has been atoned for by one of the world’s most ambitious triumphs in restoring nature. Costing $1 billion, handling 40 million cubic yards of dirt and requiring decades of planning, lobbying, legislation and heavy-equipment construction, the ...
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Water park? Disney guests swim in flooded Magic Kingdom streets

Rain and theme parks don’t mix, but for some it was the perfect opportunity to continue the fun. Around 3 p.m. Thursday, a weather system moved over Disney World and the streets around Cosmic Ray Café become flooded, according to photos shared with News 6. [TRENDING: Family gets COVID during...
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Florida Counties Are Now Beginning to Mandate Vaccines for Government Workers

In order to curb the spread of the pandemic, some Florida counties are now resorting to mandating vaccines for certain government employees. This has been a long and crazy 18 months. No matter who you are or where in Florida you live, it's safe to say the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed fresh hell on your life. It's affected all of our lives in crazy ways. Everything from toilet paper shortages to meat shortages has been caused by the pandemic. Not to mention, we've seen our fair share of anti-lockdown and anti-mask protests, both here in Florida and all across the country.

Can you be fired for refusing to get vaccinated if mandated by an employer?

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Could vaccine mandates lead to some people losing their jobs if they refuse to vaccinate?. Experts say U.S. employers can require employees to take safety measures, including vaccination. That doesn’t necessarily mean you would get fired if you refuse, but you might need to sign a waiver or agree to work under specific conditions to limit any risk you might pose to yourself or others.
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3 Movies that were filmed in Orlando

Orlando's nickname "the City Beautiful," says everything about its beauty. Orlando is the largest inland city in the United States. The city is a financial hub in the country and one of the major tourist destinations as well.
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UCF football hopes a busy June could pay big dividends on the recruiting trail

When Gus Malzahn arrived as the new coach at UCF in February, he spoke about making recruiting a priority particularly in the state of Florida. But his scope was limited thanks to an NCAA-mandated recruiting dead period that limited interactions between coaches and high school prospects to online-only. So when the NCAA lifted the mandate on June 1, allowing recruits to make in-person campus ...
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Seattle Trip Announcement - Where I Will Be Vacationing This Summer!

Surprise! I'm headed on vacation and am excited to announce that I'll be traveling to Seattle, WA for a little over a week! I'm excited to go on a vacation and I will be bringing you along with me in my travels! By the time you are seent this video, I will already be in Seattle. We left the Orlando Airport and flew six hours to the Seattle Airport. Our flight was slightly delayed so we landed a little after 11:30 PM Seattle time. We have a very loose itinerary for the trip, but we will be visiting the North Cascades National Park, do touristy things in Seattle, and also go on some seaplane trips! If you have ever visited Seatlle before and have places to see or things to do, please let me know in the comments! I would love to see and visit things in Seattle that I have not done before. I'm looking forward to this trip and vlog my adventures along the way!
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Rare Shelby Series 1 heads to auction

Carroll Shelby and the crew at Shelby American are probably most famous for the Shelby Cobra line of sports cars, but the Cobra was actually based on the Ace sports car developed by British firm AC Cars. Shelby did develop a sports car from scratch, though. In the late 1990s,...
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Florida universities plan 'normal' fall operations despite surge in COVID-19 cases

TALLAHASSEE — State universities are staying on track for a return to normal “pre-pandemic” operations as the fall semester approaches, while Florida grapples with a surge in COVID-19 cases. Classes begin Aug. 23 for most universities. While universities remain poised to keep mask-wearing optional and discontinue limits on the numbers...
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From the Left: Our schools take care of kids in spite of the politicians

When I share that I am a high school English teacher, most individuals look at me with the same sympathetic eyes one might offer to a friend who’s grieving a tragic death. Okay. It’s challenging, but no need to send condolences. I love my career. There’s much for which to...

DeSantis vows executive order on school district mask rules

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday said he would sign an executive order that would effectively block local school districts from requiring masks be worn in schools. Gov. Ron DeSantis vows to sign an executive order that would supersede local school districts on mask mandates. The governor said the order...
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Orange County Florida Tax Collector’s Office Will REQUIRE Vaccination for Employees

This Florida County is going to mandate vaccines for employees of the tax collector's office. It's been a long, crazy year as we battle the coronavirus pandemic that started early last year, at the beginning of 2020. Since then, we've seen massive toilet paper shortages, anti-lockdown protests, anti-mask protests, and a slew of arrests of people who've refused to mask up or observe social distancing. It seems like every other day we see a physical fight in our social media feeds because two people couldn't agree on a comfortable distance to stand apart from one another. And now, all of those instances may look like child's play compared to what's to come.