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1941 Chevy Pickup At The Center Of Costly Scam

An 80-year-old many thought he found his dream truck, but it ended up in a nightmare that cost him $23k. A man in Pennsylvania recently tried to purchase his dream truck, only to be scammed out of quite the sum of cash. The unnamed man was the victim of a wire scam, which is unfortunately extremely common, especially with the elderly, and now he is out $23k and has not truck to show for it. This heartbreaking account should have you checking in with your parents and grandparents to make sure they’re aware of how easy it is to be blinded by a dream car, and taken to the cleaners.
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Kenny Pickett celebrates fiancée Amy Paternoster’s Princeton graduation

The milestones just keep coming for Kenny Pickett and fiancée Amy Paternoster. On Tuesday, the Steelers rookie quarterback celebrated Paternoster’s graduation from Princeton University with a playful Instagram tribute. “HUGE congratulations to @amypaternoster on graduating from Princeton today!!! Most athletic and smartest…only thing I can hold onto is the height!” the 6-foot-3 signal-caller quipped of his future wife, who is a former soccer player. A short while later, Paternoster thanked Pickett for his support as the couple readies for their next chapter together. “Thank you for being my biggest supporter!! Can’t wait to start the next chapter with you, love you!!” she exclaimed. Pickett kicked off what’s...
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Man Shot Dead While Clutching Dog's Leash

Philadelphia police said a man walking his dog was shot and killed in the Kensington section of the city early Wednesday morning. Police said when they found him lying on the sidewalk at Frankford Avenue and Atlantic Street around midnight, he was still holding onto his dog’s leash. The dog was unharmed and still attached.

Ohio State Men’s Tennis Player from Richboro Consoles Himself with High-Profile Quarterfinals Win

Andrew Lutschaunig.Image via Ohio State Athletics at The Columbus Dispatch. Richboro’s Andrew Lutschaunig helped his Ohio State Buckeyes tennis team advance over an arch-rival. Sweeter still, the quarterfinal victory came with his collegiate-tennis-star brother in the stands. But the celebration proved short lived. Bill Rabinowitz covered the bounce of emotions for The Columbus Dispatch.

Jamison Exercise Pool Contractor Installs Stationary Way to Move Fitness Goals Forward

A home exercise pool can be both a fun and healthy addition to a home.Image via The Spa & Sauna Co. at YouTube. A half-hour of freestyle swimming, according to the Just Swim website, burns about 300 calories, making it an excellent addition to a fitness regimen. But most backyard pools — rectangular shaped or, worse, oval — are ill-suited for laps, owing to their geometric limitations. The frequency of turns inhibits the heart rate from reaching its optimum level. A better, healthier option is the home exercise pool.

Office Break Rooms That Once Produced Gallons of Coffee Could Soon Yield Medical Breakthroughs

Could your office's break room someday yield a medical breakthrough?Image via LinkedIn Sales Solutions at Unsplash. Office space that once produced things like ideas and strategies — and their kitchens that once bred weird things in the refrigerator and countless pots of coffee — could soon issue something else. Emptied by work-at-home employees, these sites are finding new purposes, writes Jake Blumgart for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Abington Friends School Strives to Inspire Authentic, Transformative Experiential Learning

Image via Abington Friends School. At Abington Friends School one day a few years ago, some teachers surveyed the 50 acre campus and suggested how great it would be to have a garden outside and for the students and clubs to use them for science classes and other learning opportunities. And thus, after some deep thinking and planning the Meadow Garden was planted.

Exit Survey: 3 goals for the steadily-improving Toronto Raptors

While much has been made about the state of other organizations in the Eastern Conference, the Toronto Raptors had a quietly successful season. Dealing with injuries all year, they managed to push a reeling Philadelphia 76ers squad to the brink in the first round of the postseason before bowing out with their heads held high.