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Proposal would send Pennsylvania families hundreds each month

counting moneyPhoto byPhoto by Alexander Grey (Creative Commons)onUnsplash. If you're feeling the financial pinch of inflation right now, you'll want to read on. There is a new proposal called the Family Security Act 2.0. Under this program American families would receive between $250-350 per month for each child. In this proposal, children ages five years old and under would receive $350 each month and the money would be sent to the parents. For parents with a child between the ages of six to seventeen years old, the parents would receive $250 each month. It's important to state that this bill is just in the proposal stage right now and it's not law at this time.
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This Epic Holiday Festival in Pennsylvania is a Must-Visit

Between the magical Christmas light displays, festive decorations, and tree-lighting celebrations, there are so many ways to usher in the holiday season here in the Keystone State. One of the best and most exciting holiday festivals is set to return this year and it is a must-visit destination. Keep reading to learn more.

Fern Hollow Bridge Finally Set to Reopen In Pittsburgh

Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed in January, sparking national interest after a bus and six cars were caught in the incident, injuring 10 people. The bridge opened in 1973 over a large ravine in Frick Park in Pittsburgh's East End. Although there were no fatalities in the collapse, local residents were forced to evacuate their homes after a gas leak was discovered following the collapse.

Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Goods Shoplifted By Drug Addicts on Amazon

A Florida man, formerly of Pennsylvania, has pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of money laundering after selling shoplifted goods on Amazon. According to an official release from the IRS, Thac Duc Le, operated a reselling business named Last Call Entertainment in Bellevue, Pennsylvania. The retail outlet sold a variety of secondhand goods, including small electronics, tooth whitening kits, electronic toothbrushes, pet products, and more.

Free Pizza This Thanksgiving From Pittsburgh Pizza Shop

Pizza Parma is giving away free pizzas this Thursday, containing its Thanksgiving tradition! The family-owned business posted on its Facebook page to announce the special deal. Staff will be volunteering their time to ensure everyone gets a meal this holiday. Here's what the store had to say:

Teen's Letter Gives A Clue In Her Disappearance

Sarah Rae Boehm(Viswa Vanapalli/The Cinemaholic) Sarah Rae Boehm was a 14-year-old girl who was described as shy and reserved. She loved going to church and taking care of animals. Sarah lived in Rochester, Pennsylvania with her family. At school, Sarah was very involved. She was part of the cheerleading squad and also played an instrument in the band. Her family was very proud of her studious nature and academic achievements.

Inside Pittsburgh's Lowest Rated Hotel

When your family comes to visit, the choice is clear; they stay with you, or they stay in a hotel. And sometimes that much family in one space is a recipe for disaster. A hotel is a much safer option to keep everyone from coming to blows.

The Case of Kimberly Lee Kessler

Kimberly Lee Kessler was reported missing in 2012 by her mother, however, the missing person report stated that Kimberly was last seen on July 4, 2004, in Butler, Pennsylvania. Her mother waited 8 years before reporting Kimberly missing.