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Steelers V Seahawks | WK6 NFL 2021

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Steelers came to play but the Seahawks didn't disappoint. Geno Smith played pretty well, and if it wasn't for T.J Watt making a game winning sack-fumble, Seattle could have possibly won. Big Ben looked pretty good, probably his best performance this year aside from week one. Both teams are in the toughest divisions in football but both still have playoff potential. Seattle will have to rally behind Geno and continue playing great defense. Pittsburgh will have to find some consistency and rhythm offensively. #NFL #AmericanFootball #Steelers #Seahawks YouTube: HallsWay Twitch: Hallonmars1

Steelers V Broncos | WK5 NFL 2021

Both teams came to battle, the Steelers looked like their normal selves again. Chase Claypool had a breakout return game, something that they desperately needed. Najee Harris put up his first 100 yard game, and this first for the Steelers in 16 games. The Broncos have work to do and are not entirely there yet. Nonetheless they are a good team but they'll have to do better to beat these teams who have been consistently winning and/or in the playoffs in the past few seasons. #NFL #Bengals #Steelers #AmercianFootball YouTube: HallsWay Twitch: Hallonmars1

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