The Zara Shoes I Wore to 10 Weddings (and Counting) This Year

While I love investing in a brand new pair of sneakers or boots, my party shoes have almost always been from Zara. Even my wedding shoes (for all five events) were purchased from Zara, and I don't regret a thing about it. They didn't cost a fortune, were comfortable, and I wore them dozens of times long after my big day. I've tried a few designer party shoes in the past and ended the night with blisters and sore feet. Maybe I have yet to try the right pair of designer heels but Zara hasn't let me down thus far, so I'm staying loyal for now.
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This Simple, History-Laced Ingredient Is the Key to Your Best-Ever Skin

What if I told you that the key to supremely hydrated, less irritated skin was water? I don’t mean that in the way celebrities mean it when they say the only reason their skin looks so good is because they drink a lot of water (insert eye-roll emoji). I’m talking about thermal water, a mineral-rich ingredient that’s been around for centuries thanks to its skin-soothing properties.
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My Best-Kept Secret for Major Stress Relief Is Just $5 on Amazon—You're Welcome

There are so many tools and gadgets out there that can help you create a spa-like experience at home. Whether that involves using the latest and greatest skincare devices or slathering on a body treatment, there's no shortage of ways to bring the spa to you on any given day. One way you might be overlooking, however, is doing a good old-fashioned salt soak. It can be surprisingly therapeutic and best of all, cheap.

I’m Suddenly Craving All Things Fall—29 Pieces I’m Buying First

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items. As a fashion editor, I’m constantly keeping an eye on what all the cool pieces landing on the market and the key items to buy for the upcoming season. From Instagram to street style snaps to celeb looks and what I’m seeing people wear IRL, I’m always taking screenshots and making mental notes about what to add to my personal shopping cart. As we head into fall, there are some cool items that are already grabbing my attention that I want in my closet.

Meredith Blake Is Trending on TikTok—Copy Her Style With These 31 Pieces

The fashion side of TikTok has been buzzing lately over a once-forgotten fictional character from the 1990s. Who remembers Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap? Serving as the much-needed villain in the sappy tween drama, she also served many chic looks. Some of us first encountered Meredith Blake as children and noticed her comical personality and dry sense of humor, not her wardrobe. Rewatching the film as an adult shows Blake as a whole different kind of character: a style icon.

5 Simple Items That'll Trick People Into Thinking You Spent a Lot on Your Outfit

There’s nothing like that satisfying (and I’ll admit, smug) feeling of putting together an outfit that looks expensive but actually isn't. Over my seven years working in fashion I’ve developed quite a knack for determining what items give an ensemble that overall elevated look. And today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite simple pieces—some of-the-moment trends, along with a few classic items—that I find always make my outfits look more luxe.

Gestuz Will Be the Next Big Fashion Brand Out of Copenhagen—Promise

As Copenhagen Fashion Week's influence grows every season, the event is all but guaranteed to produce a shiny new design star in the footsteps of Ganni and Cecilie Bahnsen. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats, and Danish fashion's waters are surely rising quickly. Thanks to the event's commitment to diversity, sustainability, up-and-coming talent, and, of course, all those glorious street style pics, the industry cannot look away from Copenhagen right now.

So This Is the J.Lo Way to Style Bike Shorts and Sneakers

After Jennifer Lopez's surprise Las Vegas wedding and whirlwind honeymoon in Paris, she appears to be taking it a bit easy these days—if her outfit is any indication, that is. She wore a laidback, simple outfit that included a staple we don't see her wear very often. She typically wears full-length leggings when she wears sneakers, but now we know exactly how she styles bike shorts.

Good News—Eiza González's Pretty J.Crew Outfit Is on Sale

Not sure if you've noticed, but J.Crew is having a banner season. It's officially cool again, thanks to its new head designer, TikTok, and stylish celebrities wearing its pieces. Eiza González is the latest celebrity to step out in J.Crew, and the set she chose even happens to be on sale. It consists of a smocked Liberty-print halter top and a matching midi skirt that can be worn high or low on the waist.

I Shop for a Living, and I Swear Every Dress I'm Seeing RN Looks Like This

I spend a lot of time every day looking through page after page of dresses, constantly searching for the newest ones with the most potential for viral success. And after scrolling past one too many of the same dress styles we've been seeing season after season, I noticed something: All of the ones I was saving looked almost identical. Specifically, they all featured a drop waist, most often accompanied with a V-shaped, corset-like silhouette. Ears perked, I began to do some digging.

Angelina Jolie Wore Flats With Summer's Prettiest (and Most Uncomplicated) Dress

Ever since I saw her in Mr. and Mrs. Smith wearing that white, eyelet two-piece set, I've been completely and irrevocably obsessed with Angelina Jolie's style. (Sure, she probably didn't have a say in that outfit given that it was part of her costume, but that's a discussion for another day.) From her days spent in leather pants and vintage tees to her modern-day rotation of hyper-elegant trousers and dresses, there's pretty much nothing in Jolie's wardrobe that doesn't look impeccable. And her latest outfit is hardly an exception.

I've Waited 10 Months for This: 16 Nordstrom Fall Arrivals to Shop Now

Nordstrom's new-arrivals section is a constant source of serotonin in my life. The excitement I feel as I refresh the website to see the latest pieces is absolutely unmatched. And since fall is the best fashion season, I have been extra eager to see what's in store. I can't always be bothered to scour items on multiple sites, and the fact that Nordstrom is a one-stop shop is what keeps me coming back. To nobody's surprise, the retailer currently has everything on my wish list, including leather outwear, cargo pants, shoulder bags, and preppy loafers. I'm ready to hit the "buy now" button, but I couldn't continue without sharing my picks with you first. Keep scrolling for 16 new arrivals too good to keep to myself.

Here You Go: The Best Boots, Jackets, and Jeans at Nordstrom Right Now

Right now my shopping list has officially turned to focus on all things fall. More specifically, the fall staples that will become the backbone of my wardrobe these next few months. While my summer style was all about items like denim shorts, tanks, and sandals, then my fall shopping list hinges on their cooler-weather equivalents of jeans, jackets, and boots. Yep, I've already begun scouring the internet for the coolest versions of each and per usual, Nordstrom is coming in hot with some of my favorite versions.

I Searched High and Low for the Coolest Trending Pieces—These 30 Delivered

While there's a time and place for Zara and H&M, today we're shopping a bit off the beaten path. Emerging and indie brands make up a good chunk of my current wardrobe, and in between my basics, I like to sprinkle in pieces that are a bit more directional and highly specific (like this wonderfully crinkly corset from one of my favorite independent boutiques, Maimoun). There's also the satisfaction of finding something completely unique that not many other people will have. The bragging rights of being the first to wear something cool is all yours.

These Strategic Bubble Bath Products Improve Your Skin With Zero Effort

Baths can be a divisive topic. Some people swear by them and others swear off them. For me, I used to be in the latter camp. I didn't love that my fingers would get so pruny and I found the whole process all a bit boring. But then I realized that a bath every now and then can be the ultimate form of self-care—and I learned that by setting the right scene (candles, music, maybe a glass of wine), it could actually be a great experience, pruny fingers be damned.

The Only Brush You Need for Gorgeous Hair, According to Hairstylists

So it turns out that the brush you choose for your hair can really make a difference when it comes to not only the styling of your hair but also its health. A brush that works with your specific hair type will only do you a lot of favors. The good news is there's a brush that works on practically every hair type, so the shopping is made easy for you—it's the paddle brush.

15 Designer Fall Dresses I'd Definitely Splurge On, and 15 I'm Saving On For Now

I've said many times that I'm a picky shopper but when it comes to shopping in the dress department, I take my decisions very seriously. Dresses aren't as versatile as pieces like skirts or pants, so there are a lot of factors I consider before purchasing. While I like breezy dresses for the summertime, I like to have a few in my rotation for fall too. Think ribbed-knit maxis, sleek slip dresses, and poplin dresses in moody tones. Since we're heading towards September I thought it's time to add one or two new styles to my collection.