Contractor Says Panthers Should Be On Hook For Failed Rock Hill Facility

According to the Charlotte Ledger Business Newsletter, the fallout over the Panthers’ abandoned plans to build a new headquarters in Rock Hill continues. The Charlotte Ledger Business Newsletter reports new court documents showing a construction company suggests the team could be liable for tens of millions of dollars in debt related to the failed project. And several subcontractors also say their owed money. For more, we turn now to the Ledger’s Tony Mecia for our segment Biz Worthy.
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Pete Buttigieg launches $1B pilot to build racial equity in America's roads

WASHINGTON — Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Thursday launched a $1 billion first-of-its-kind pilot program aimed at helping reconnect cities and neighborhoods racially segregated or divided by road projects, pledging wide-ranging help to dozens of communities despite the program's limited dollars. Under the Reconnecting Communities program, cities and states...

Nuclear power is gaining support after years of decline. But old hurdles remain

At the Nuclear Energy Assembly in Washington, D.C., this June, speaker Maria Korsnick urged the audience of hundreds to picture a world in which nuclear energy is triumphant. "In this clean energy future, hundreds of reactors — from the existing models that we have today to advanced reactors both large and small — dot the landscape," said Korsnick, who's president and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, a trade association.

One man's outsized role in shaping the Supreme Court and overturning Roe

Last Friday morning, life in America changed dramatically when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned half a century of the federal right to an abortion. Most Americans support abortion rights, but a dedicated minority of conservative activists has been working for decades to dismantle Roe v. Wade, and one man in particular has played an outsized role in that effort: Leonard Leo.

WFAE wins Sigma Delta Chi Award for 'Asbestos Town' documentary

The Society of Professional Journalists recognized WFAE with a 2021Sigma Delta Chi Award in the documentary category. Reporter David Boraks produced an hour-long documentary about asbestos contamination at an old mill in a historically Black neighborhood in Davidson. Over the years, attempts to redevelop the mill have failed. Those failed...