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2 local residents injured when vehicle overturns in Ozark County

Two Gainesville residents were injured in a one-vehicle accident Saturday evening in Ozark County. Twenty-eight-year-old Miriah Bennett was transported by a private vehicle to Ozarks Healthcare in West Plains with moderate injuries, and 30-year-old Brad Neal was transported by a private vehicle to Baxter Regional Medical Center with minor injuries.
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Mountain View Weather Forecast

Here’s the forecast for the next four days in Mountain View: Sunday, June 20: Mostly sunny during the day; while partly cloudy then slight chance of showers and thunderstorms overnight; Monday, June 21: Chance of showers and thunderstorms then showers and thunderstorms during the day; while showers and thunderstorms
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Save $0.11 per gallon on gas at the cheapest station in West Plains

(WEST PLAINS, MO) According to West Plains gas price data, you could be saving up to $0.11 per gallon on gas. According to a survey by GasBuddy, Cenex at 1818 Porter Wagoner Blvd was the cheapest station in the area, with regular listed at $2.63 per gallon at the pumps Wednesday. That was compared to Casey's at 403 W Broadway St, where a gallon of regular was selling for $2.74.
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DNA Ties 65-Year-Old Unsolved Murder Case To Missouri Man

DNA evidence has solved a 65-year-old murder case. Investigators say DNA has tied two Montana teens’ death to Kenneth Gould, a man who had lived in Alton, Missouri. Gould is accused of the two murders that took place back in 1956. KY3 reports that the two teens were Patty Kalitzke,...
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Top homes for sale in Cherokee Village

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MSU-WP officials hire new university communications director

WEST PLAINS, Mo. – Officials at Missouri State University-West Plains (MSU-WP) have hired a new director for the university communications office. He is Ian Camejo (pronounced cah-MAY’-oh), a former public affairs official with the United States Army. His first day on the job was Monday, June 14. His hiring is pending approval by the MSU Board of Governors.

DNA evidence leads to Alton, Mo. man in 65-year-old murder case

ALTON, Mo. (KY3) - Detectives say they have identified the man who murdered two Montana teens 65 years ago, and it’s led them right here to the Ozarks. Authorities say DNA evidence has tied the deaths to Kenneth Gould, a man who had lived in Alton, Missouri for several decades.
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Sun forecast for Thayer — 3 ways to hit it head-on

(THAYER, MO) The forecast is calling for sun today in Thayer. Here are three ideas for how to make the most of it, along with a four-day forecast. Have a picnic: With COVID-19 restrictions lingering around the country, this beloved pastime has taken on new relevance. Meeting a friend somewhere pretty with a basket of snacks and a blanket can be a spontaneous way to enjoy a sunny afternoon in a safer environment than indoors. Risk levels should always be taken into account along with advice from health authorities on gathering sizes.
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Senior Golf Tournament on June 28th at North Terra Golf Course

West Plains – Ozark Radio News spoke with Roger Cyr of the North Terra Golf Course about the upcoming Senior Tournament. The Senior Tournament will take place on 9AM on Monday, June 28th, 2021 at the North Terra Golf Course. This will be a 2-person scramble with men’s and women’s divisions. This Tournament is for senior citizens only, men over the age of 70 and women over the age of 65 are allowed to enter the tournament. To sign up for the tournament, call the North Terra Golf Pro Shop at 417-256-9824. Entry fees are $40 per person. There will be Longest Putt and other prizes.
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Drug Investigation Results In Multiple Arrests

Willow Springs – In the early morning hours of Tuesday June 15, 2021, officers with the South Central Drug Task Force, in coordination with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Shannon County Sheriff’s Department, concluded a series of long-term narcotics investigations in Shannon County, Missouri. As a result of these...
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Top homes for sale in West Plains

Whether you’re looking for a new home on acreage or a fixer-upper close to amenities, you can probably find a listing here to suit you: If you appreciate nature, the sunset dancing between the forest leaves, fresh air and really good Internet, please take a look at this country