Reduce Upper-Back Pain and Improve Your Posture With This 10-Minute, Chest-Opening Stretch Routine

Tension in your upper and middle back can be a pain to live with. Lots of things can lead to aches in this area, but often tight chest muscles—either from hunching over a screen all day or even having bigger boobs—can round your shoulders forward, Jessica McManus, PT, physical therapist and owner of Full Circle Wellness PT previously told Well+Good. So chest-opening exercises and stretches like this 10-minute, beginner-friendly, guided routine from East River Pilates instructor Brian Spencer can help you relieve pent-up chest tension. These moves are intended to expand and broaden your chest muscles, in particular your pectoralis major and minor.
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5 Wrinkle-Fighting Serums Over $100 That Dermatologists Swear Are *Actually* Worth It

Around 30, our bodies begin to slow down the production of collagen and elastin, which means that we’re almost guaranteed to see fine lines and wrinkles appear on our skin. Because everyone will go through these natural changes at some point (the exact timeline varies based on genetics), there are a wide array of solutions out there designed to counteract nature’s plans and leave your skin looking youthful and plump. At the dermatologist’s office, you could discuss options like injectables such as Botox or an extra potent chemical peel. But if you’re looking for a DIY solution, there are tons of dermatologist-approved serums available that can combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles if used consistently over time.
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This Zero-Waste Terry Cloth Set Is So Airy and Light, I Wear It Once a Week—And It’s 30% Off Right Now

When it comes to clothing, I'm a creature of habit. I'm a jeans-and-a-white-button-down kinda gal who rarely steps out in anything louder than beige or black. But this summer, that's all changed. Thanks to the zero-waste fashion brand, For Days, I am now a bright-orange-terry-cloth-polo-and-culottes kinda gal—a vibrant change from my normcore (remember normcore?) days.

The 1 At-Home Pedicure Tool a Podiatrist Says You Should Never, Ever Use—And What To Grab Instead

Calluses on your feet can be thick, hard, and even painful. Depending on the severity of your calluses, you may need to head into the podiatrist's office for a proper pedicure. But, if you're able to manage them at home, you need to be careful about what tools you use. Diane Koshimune, DMP, a podiatrist in San Jose, California, says you want to keep scalpels and pedicure knifes (aka those sharp tools that essentially shave dead skin off of your feet) out of your DIY pedicure kit.

With This Do-Anywhere 10-Minute Workout, You’ll Strengthen Your Core Without Even Realizing It

There's a lot you can accomplish in 10 minutes. You can clean out your fridge, catch up on e-mails, or—our favorite—squeeze in a quick workout. According to research, getting just 10 minutes of exercise can deliver some major mind/body benefits, and this week's episode of Trainer of the Month gives you a quickie core series that will strengthen your muscles in less time than it takes to clear your inbox.

A Dermatologist Is Begging You To Follow These 3 Rules For Treating Sun Blisters This Summer

While we’re firm believers in year-round sun protection, we know it can be cumbersome to reapply SPF every few hours. And listen, we get it—mistakes happen: sunscreen gets lost in the shuffle, hard-to-reach spots are missed, and sometimes one too many poolside rosés lead to an impromptu nap in the scorching sun. We’re not here to judge. Especially because if you’re here, you’re probably suffering from sun blisters, and we know how much those can seriously hurt.

How To Overcome Your Fear of Heights

Millions of people share a struggle to overcome a fear of heights. In fact, as many as 6 percent of all people suffer with some form of acrophobia, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It's important to remember that everyone feels vulnerable at times and in their own ways. The degree...

The Only Word That’s Getting Me Back Into Running After an Injury

I became a runner during the pandemic. I’ve never been able to go very fast or very far, but over the past two years, the two-to-three times a week I’d lace up my shoes and hit the pavement were always precious to me. Short, easy runs cleared my head and brought me peace, while longer distances took me to a mental and physical place of joy and strength. I miss that so, so much.

Are You Needy in a Relationship, or Are You Simply Prioritizing Your Needs?

We all have needs, and that's no secret; it's something of which we're all aware and comfortable acknowledging. But given that reality, why is it that having and expressing one's needs in a relationship is often seen as a negative? As a psychotherapist, I get asked all the time about neediness in a relationship, and more specifically how to be less needy. Well, newsflash: There is nothing wrong with having needs, communicating them, and expecting them to be met within the scope of your romantic partnership.

The Surprising Way Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor Can Help Your Workouts—And Everyday Movements

The direct effects of a strong, well-functioning pelvic floor go beyond better sex and bladder control. Running, fitness, general activity: Your pelvic floor is tied up in the mix. And keeping these muscles (which stretch between your tailbone, pubic bone, and both sides of your pelvis) in shape is key. You’ve heard about pelvic floor physical therapy after childbirth. But this anchoring, deep-core muscle group is vital to so much of our overall fitness and health beyond postpartum wellness—strength, balance, and power are all results of pelvic floor stability.

The Best (and Worst) Sleeping Positions for Heartburn, According to Gastroenterologists

Heartburn can be tough to deal with any time of day, but it can feel especially intense at night. Semi-manageable, symptoms like a burning feeling in your chest, sore throat, and pain seem to be dialed up when you’re trying to sleep. In fact, doctors and research agree that you're not imagining things if this is true for you. And as far as what to do about it, they suggest considering the best and worst sleeping position for heartburn, and adjusting accordingly if need be.

These 3-Ingredient Venezuelan Arepas Are the Perfect Fiber- and Protein-Packed Breakfast

Growing up in a Venezuelan household, breakfast rarely meant waffles, pancakes, and cinnamon rolls. Of course, every now and then, my mom would treat us to a sweet baked good—but for the most part, breakfast really symbolized a time for getting in touch with my Venezuelan roots. My mom hails from Caracas, Venezuela, the country's capital, where eating breakfast items like perico (a tomato scrambled egg dish) and cachapas (a sweet-savory cheese-filled corn cake) is the norm. However, my favorite among these commonly-consumed breakfast items was always the arepas that I would beg my mom to make on the reg.

Pollution Damage Can Make Your Hair Dry, Dull, and Lifeless—Here’s How To Protect Against It

When your hair is dry, dull, and tangled, it can be easy to place the blame on products and lifestyle habits. But the real culprit, according to pros, could be pollution damage. Exposure to air pollutants can compromise your hair quality and irritate your scalp, and with environmental pollution steadily increasing in many regions around the world, it’s safe to assume you’re at risk—which is why pros want you to tweak your routine to include preventative and reparative elements.

‘I’m a Golf Pro, and Here Are 5 Tips Every Beginner Should Know Before Teeing Up the First Time’

Golf is a popular sport—nearly 25 million Americans were playing it as of 2020, an historic high—and an excellent way to get fresh air while being physically active. Still, it can be intimidating to take up for those who have never played before—deciphering which clubs to use when, navigating nine-plus holes, and assuming proper etiquette are all par for the course.

How To Make a Banana Fro-Yo Cookies and Cream Blizzard That’s Packed With Gut-Boosting Fiber and Probiotics

You know those summer nights when you're craving a cold dessert but your freezer is devastatingly ice cream-free? We've all been there, but TikTok recipe legend and registered dietitian Mia Swinehart, RD, has an easy fix for next time you're in an emergency situation like this one. Her banana frozen yogurt recipe includes Oreo cookies, and packs plenty of fiber and probiotics so you can take care of your digestion while enjoying dessert.

The Difference Between White Noise, Pink Noise, and Brown Noise—And Which May Boost Your Memory While You Sleep

The low hum of an air conditioner, the din of falling rain, the whoosh of a fan—you might consider any of these sounds, colloquially, to be white noise, or a consistent and continuous sound that could help you drift off to sleep. But, while any of these sounds could certainly offer that mind-numbing benefit, they’re not all necessarily classified as “white” noise, technically speaking. In fact, many of the most soothing tones fall into other sound-color categories of pink or brown noise, as opposed to white noise (and its typical radio-static hiss).

This 2-in-1 Serum and Sunscreen Is Already Saving (And Brightening) My Skin—And It Works on Every Skin Tone

I'm that person who preaches the needs of wearing sunscreen every. single. day, rain or shine. But even I can admit that when it comes to my face—the most important part of the body, you might argue, to protect from the sun in terms of preserving your aesthetic and promoting safety—I tend to hesitate before applying any type of SPF. What if this product clogs my pores? What if it gives a weird cast on my skin? What if it smells, and I can't stop thinking about it? What if I mess up and forget what step it is in the skin-care progress, was it all for nothing? I've rotated through product after product with my concerns in mind, trying to figure out which would protect me (particularly more than, say, just a quick spray with an aerosol SPF), while also not wreaking havoc on my skin.