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‘American Idol’ Fan-Favorite Speaks Out About Losing 140 Pounds

All eyes are on “American Idol” Season 20’s Top 3 contestants as we draw near the final episode. Fans of the show are anxiously waiting to see whether Noah Thompson, Leah Marlene, or HunterGirl become this year’s winner. Meanwhile, one season 17 “American Idol” contestant, Wade Cota, is speaking out about achievements of his own. In a recent interview, he shared the story behind his incredible weight loss journey.
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Check Out the Most Surprising Celeb Transformations of the Week

Watch: Machine Gun Kelly's BBMAs 2022 Tribute to Megan Fox & 'Unborn Child'. Anyone else feeling a strong urge to hit the hair salon this week? Stranger things have happened. Thanks to Megan Fox and Millie Bobby Brown, who both stepped out with bangs, we are considering getting new fringes ahead of the summer. Or maybe we will go for a full chop for a major change, like Zendaya? But they weren't the only celebs to make a major transformation recently.
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How to End Your Child's Toxic Relationship With Food

Emotional eating in children and teens has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shaming a child because of their weight may damage their self-esteem. Helping your child change their relationship with food is a family endeavor. I’ve had many relationships throughout my life. I’ve developed close ties with family members, friends,...
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How to Reduce Thigh Fat

Men and women are distributed differently in terms of fat. Due to their high levels of estrogen, women are more likely to accumulate fat in their thighs and buttocks. Men have more testosterone in their blood. Testosterone sends fat to the belly, resulting in a male round apple belly. Due to evolutionary factors, women also store weight in their hips and thighs for functionally improved childbearing ability.

Mediterranean Diet is Ranked the BEST Diet to be on Here's Why

In 2022, the Mediterranean diet was ranked the best diet to be on by health experts. The Mediterranean diet is a type of eating plan that includes mostly plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. The Mediterranean diet is widely considered to be one of the best diets out there. And for good reason - studies have shown that it can help to improve heart health, cognitive function, and even lifespan.

7 Simple steps to loss fat at home

Exercise, while not required to lose weight, can help you lose weight more quickly. Lifting weights has particularly good benefits. By lifting weights, you’ll burn calories and help prevent your metabolism from slowing down, which is a common side effect of losing weight.

Change Your Mindset and Lose Weight This Summer

We are heading into beach season and next to New Year's, this is the time of year everyone focuses a little more on getting in shape and dropping a few pounds for the summer seasono more hiding und. No more hiding under heavy coats or baggy sweatpants! While we might think weight loss is all about what we put into our belly, it has more to do with what is in our mind.