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Training Camp Standouts

Training camp is underway and some names are already generating some buzz — both good and bad. Here are a few of the training camp standouts thus far:. Recently, Carson Wentz has stood out in all the wrong ways. That trend is continuing at Washington’s training camp. While it is a new offense, Wentz has been inaccurate and thrown a number of interceptions during team periods. Missed reads and timing are understandable, but Wentz is now 29 and shouldn’t be struggling with basic concepts put in during the early parts of the off-season. Even more concerning is that his mechanical and accuracy issues still plague him.
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How Much Film do NFL QBs Actually Watch?

The Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray made headlines when he signed his new contract — though not for the right reasons. Burried in the contract was a clause that required the Arizona quarterback to watch at least four hours of film per week. That clause isn’t the most glowing endorsement of their quarterback putting in the work to prepare for games. Arizona has since removed the film requirement, but it begs the question: how much do quarterbacks normally study for games?

Anatomy of a Play: Seattle’s Designed Cutback

The Seahawks offense looked dramatically different in Week 1 than it did the rest of the year. For whatever reason, the Seahawks got away from some of the Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan staples that Shane Waldron had brought over. The following play is a fantastic illustration of how the wide zone scheme, motion, and run action can create opportunities for explosive gains.

Way Too Early 2023 NFL Mock Draft

It’s too early for this, but doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead. Order is decided by Super Bowl odds. 1. The post Way Too Early 2023 NFL Mock Draft appeared first on Weekly Spiral.

2022 NFL Mock Draft: We Have Arrived

It’s here! Draft day has arrived. Here is how I see the first round shaking out: 1. Jacksonville Jaguars- Travon The post 2022 NFL Mock Draft: We Have Arrived appeared first on Weekly Spiral.

2022 NFL Draft Hot Takes

The New England Patriots trade up to 8 and draft Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner The Falcons are in no place to The post 2022 NFL Draft Hot Takes appeared first on Weekly Spiral.

49ers Mock Draft

As a lifelong 49ers fan, I became a fan of the NFL draft because of the team. Most of that The post 49ers Mock Draft appeared first on Weekly Spiral.

Jelani Woods Scouting Report: Huge Potential

Jelani Woods spent three years at Oklahoma State before transferring to Virginia in 2021. He lacks polish in the blocking game, but he has the size and athletic profile to be an impact player at tight end. He projects to be in-line and isn’t quite twitchy enough to be split outside or used as an H-back. At 6’7”, 265 pounds, and an outstanding vertical, he’s a developmental prospect that could be special.

2022 NFL Mock Draft: The Trades are Here

There’s already been a lot of movement in the first round of the 2022 draft, but this will be our one and only mock that includes trades from our end. I use the NFL Draft trade value chart so if you want to cry about a trade being unfair, the numbers line up very closely. If you want to see how we rank these players, check out part one and two of our big board.

Is Trey Lance ready to lead the 49ers as a full-time starter?

Early on in the year, it seemed like Kyle Shanahan had specific situations and packages for Trey Lance. He’d get in on short yardage or goal line situations and Shanahan would use him as a runner to gain blockers in the run game. In weeks one and three he had seven snaps on offense before Garoppolo got hurt in week four. Trey Lance then played the next one and a half games before injuring his knee in week five against the Cardinals. Lance made an appearance in garbage time against the Jacksonville Jaguars and started San Francisco’s week 17 game for a yet-again-injured Jimmy Garoppolo. Other than that, there have been no special packages, no gadget plays, nothing.

2022 NFL Draft Big Board (26-50)

If you missed out first 25 players, give it a look here. These players are where head coaches and general manager’s become champions or become a punchline. I’m a bit higher than most “experts” on a few of these guys, but also have several guys who will likely go in the top fifteen.

Return Motion

Return motion utilizes a receiver going inside towards the formation and then returning back outside. Different systems also call the motion “counter” or “peel”. The motion forces defenses to transfer the receiver multiple times. Often, when a player crosses the center line, defenses will bump a player over or change their coverage to that side since the strength has been changed. Since return motion crosses the center line and then returns back to the same side they were on, it forces defenses to communicate and make multiple calls all while being a simple tag for the offense.

Jeremy Ruckert Scouting Report: The Blocking Buckeye

Jeremy Ruckert might not have set the stat sheet on fire, but he’s a physical and willing blocker, has great hands, and could be a solid contributor at the next level. Ruckert took a lot of snaps at sniffer where he was used on crunch blocks and sent out in the passing game. He wasn’t a huge part of the Ohio State offense, but he’s a natural fit for a zone-based offense that likes to use play-action.