I Married a Drag Queen in Vegas, Here’s Our Story

When Henry and Nick initially met in early 2021, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. Although they both felt a connection, months passed, plans were made and unmade, and the fog of apathy and disillusion that so often precludes relationships in this modern age began settling in. In fact, it wasn’t until the end of November that they finally went on their official first date.
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Mayoral Race: Two Paths Emerge for LA Voters This November

This week, Los Angeles voted to have Rep. Karen Bass and developer Rick Caruso face off in the mayoral general election this November. Both mayoral candidates ran in a crowded 12-person race that ended in sharp victories. Trailing far behind the top two contenders was Kevin De Leon, who amassed 7% of the vote.

10-Year-Old Uvalde Sweethearts Buried Side-by-Side

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez and Xavier James Lopez used to pass each other notes in class and text each other every night to say “I love you.”. They also made the honor roll on the morning of May 24, mere hours before a gunman would come inside the school and kill them, along with 17 other students and two teachers. Now, they’re buried next to one another as a testament to their young love.

New Marilyn Monroe Biopic Explores Her Connection to Mexico

The story of Marilyn Monroe’s life has always had a mythic quality to it. From her humble beginnings as Norma Jeane Mortenson to her secret affair with JFK, Monroe is as much an icon as she is a mystery; someone who’s been immortalized in a way that very few movie stars ever are.

5 Shirts Latino Dads Have in Their Closet for Sure

Latino dads are known for many things — waiting up in their favorite recliner until you get home from a party, waking up from their nap as soon as you turn the TV off and claiming to have been awake the whole time, reusing paper towels, getting to the airport six hours before the flight — but fashion is not one of them. In fact, I have vivid memories from childhood of my dad sitting on a bench with his arms crossed at the mall while my mom and I shopped.

Things Latino Dads Do That Just Make Sense

From the way they show affection to the recycled myths they try to sell as absolute fact — as it turns out, showering after eating isn’t a death sentence — Latino dads are in a league of their own. Typically, they’re louder, hairier and more prone to spontaneous salsa dancing, which is probably what made our mothers fall in love with them in the first place.

9 Latino Dad-isms That Keep Us Calm

Let’s face it: sometimes Latino dads can get a bit too real with their opinions, but nothing beats their fatherly wisdom. If you grew up with a Latino father, you probably remember tons of commentary when you first got into a relationship, when you started going out on the town and even about your outfit choices. Yes, Latino dads are known to be strict, but all in all, they mean well.