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Afghan refugees arriving in Norfolk

A number of people fleeing the unstable situation in Afghanistan will be arriving in Norfolk soon. When that happens, they will need housing and household goods, clothing and everything else required for healthy living. They are being sponsored by Orphan Grain Train, the Norfolk-based humanitarian organization that serves people around...
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Flood says Republican senators need to get together

Sen. Mike Flood of Norfolk says Republican members of Nebraska's nonpartisan Legislature "need to get in the same room" and reach some kind of consensus agreement on redistricting. Yes, he said during an interview in his Capitol office, the Legislature is nonpartisan, but the reality is that the redistricting process...
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First Native American doctor honored, future created for Walthill

WALTHILL -- The restoration and repurposing of a historic hospital in Walthill is a sign of the many ways one reservation village is breathing life back into itself. "Think of a woman at that time in 1913: she's not considered a U.S. citizen. She has no right to vote. And [yet], she does a remarkable job of building this structure," Dr. Britt Thedinger said.
Norfolk Daily News

Mosquito fogging to begin soon

The City of Norfolk will conduct mosquito fogging in parks and some residential areas of Norfolk over the next few weeks. Mosquito fogging is generally conducted in evening hours from 7:30 to 10, weather permitting. While a slight breeze is necessary, wind conditions should be less than 10 miles per hour for best fogging results.

Cheers Library hosts wine-tasting fundraising event

RANDOLPH — The Lied Randolph Public Library is encouraging women to raise a glass for a good cause. The library is hosting a Ladies Night called Aged to Perfection that will feature wine tasting, food and fun at 7 p.m., Friday, Oct. 1, at the Randolph City Auditorium. Jim’s Fine...
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No last-minute surprises as county approves budget

MADISON — The Madison County Board of Commissioners ended budget discussions Tuesday where they began — trying to keep the levy and the overall budget about the same as the previous year. All things considered following a public hearing on Tuesday afternoon, they were mostly successful. The overall budget increased...
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New program at Elkhorn Valley Museum, 'Our Town, Our World'

NORFOLK -- A museum in Norfolk is rolling out a new program for families titled "Our Town, Our World." Education Coordinator Libby McKay told NCN the Elkhorn Valley Museum will have activities, food, stories, and language lessons connected to whichever culture is featured that month. "It's basically an opportunity for...

NNPHD COVID-19 Weekly Report Ending September 11

WAYNE – For the week ending on Saturday, September 11 the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department Health District had another 21 individuals recover from COVID-19 for a second straight week with now 44.39% of the area fully vaccinated. According to a release from NNPHD, cases per 100,000 for a seven-day...
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Afghan refugees to arrive in Norfolk thanks to Orphan Grain Train

NORFOLK -- The word 'orphan' comes from the meaning 'without resources.' It seems fitting, now that the Orphan Grain Train is working to help two families who are without resources -- or a safe country. "We spent 20 years trying to make their government our government, longer than that trying...
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It’s OK to ask for help at the library

The Norfolk Public Library staff is always ready, willing and able to help people. Please ask us for help. It’s really OK to ask. We like helping people. We relish the challenge of finding answers to interesting and unusual questions. We enjoy learning new things while we search for answers. Often we are approached by someone who says, “This is probably a stupid question …” No, whatever a person’s question is, it is not stupid. It is important and I applaud them for asking it because I have observed that oftentimes people are hesitant to ask for help. For as many people who approach us every day for help, I know there are just as many who need assistance but do not ask for help. People often do not approach us because they think:

City Council approves new budget, discusses water and street upgrades

LAUREL — Taxpayers will be paying the same amount to fund Laurel city government this year as compared to last year. The tax rate remained virtually unchanged at almost 50 cents per $100 valuation when the City Council passed its $14 million budget last week. The city’s operating budget increased 41 percent over last year due to its ongoing projects, but many of those are covered by grants and other funding sources, City Clerk Vicki Carlson said.