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Dunkin & Starbucks: Who has the best Iced Spiced Pumpkin Latte?

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A few days ago, I decided to stop by Dunkin to have the Iced version of their Spiced Pumpkin Latte for the Fall (my favorite season). Around the same time, I found out tht Starbucks has on also so I decided to do a little comparison and see which one actually tastes beter? Is there a big price difference? How about overall flavor? Would I recommend either to YOU? Find out NOW!! Dunkin Donut 815 Lafayette Boulevard Bridgeport CT <a href=""></a> Starbucks store#22995 255 East Main Street bridgeport CT <a href=""></a>

Sonic Uncorked Slushies Review: feat Berry Sangria AND Peach White Wine Flavors!

So the other day I did a video reviewing Sonic's Uncorked Slushies and their new Broccoli and Cheese tater Tots. I'm back today to try the other two flavors of the uncorked slushies, the Berry Sangria and the PeachWhite Wine flavors. How do they compare to the Strawberry Rose' that I've had already? Is it something YOU should check out? Let's find out together NOW ONLY on Mostly Healthy Food reviews! Sonic: America's Drive-In 1365 Boston Post Road Milford CT <a href=""></a>

Creole Fusion Cuisine: Bridgeport's Caribbean Food Review!!

Bridgeport, Connecticut has lots of culture and ethnic foods available for all tastes. I happened to find another place locally that is getting many good reviews and since it's a small business, I wanted to give them some support and hopefully find a gem in my neighborhood! I;ve read a good number of good reviews about Creole Fusion Cuisine, but are the reviews as accurate as they seem? Find out with me NOW ONLY on Mostly Healthy Food Reviews! Creole Fusion Cuisine, LLC 1985 Main Street Bridgeport CT <a href=""></a>

Is the Cinnabomb Mini Donut Factory (still) the BOMB??

About a year ago, I stopped by a local Food Truck called Cinnabomb Mini Donut Factory. I heard from a few friends that their donuts were the bomb! I had a great experience and decided a year later to come back to see if they were as I remembered? Find out at 12 noon est ONLY on Mostly Healthy Food Reviews! Cinnabomb Mini Donut Factory Local Food Truck <a href=""></a> Want to see my original Cinnabomb Video? Here it is! <a href=""></a>

Van Do Pho: Special Veggies Pho Review!

A few months ago, Van Do Pho opened up in my home town of Bridgeport, Connecticut. I had Vietnamese Food last year and I enjoyed the Pho that I've tried, so I wanted to give this a chance.Is the food at Van Do Pho as good as the other restaurants I've tried? Would I recommend it to YOU? Find out NOW ONLY on Mostly Healthy Food Reviews! Van Do Pho 1304 Boston Avenue Bridgeport CT <a href=""></a>

5 Most Dangerous Animals in Connecticut

Connecticut is a New England state in the United States featuring a combination of coastal cities and rural areas sprinkled with small villages. Mystic is known for its Seaport Museum, which houses centuries-old ships, and the Mystic Aquarium's beluga whale exhibits. The city of New Haven, located on Long Island Sound, is known for Yale University and the Peabody Museum of Natural History. Despite all this, this state is also full of dangerous animals. Below are some of the animals ranked from highest to lowest in the order.

Southern Wings Express: a VERY REAL Chicken Wing Review!!

So, a few people I know told me to try a place called Southern Wings Express, located on Elm Street, West Haven, Connecticut. I decided to get their Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings, Mac and Cheese and Potato Salad. Is this comfort food as good as everyone has been telling me? Would I recommend it to YOU? Find out NOW ONLY on Mostly Healthy Food Reviews! Southern Wings Express 128 Elm Street West Haven CT <a href=""></a>/

Ever been to the Stratford Latin Music Festival? (2021)

I spent the day with my family at the Stratford Latin Music Festival. It was held on Paradise Green, Stratford Connecticut. Lots of sights and sounds, various latin music and of course, food! We enjoyed ourselves and would definitely be back! Big Shout out to the Stratford Hispanic Heritage Association for their hard work in putting this event together! I wanted to share some of the sights and sounds from the Festival with you today. Enjoy NOW ONLY on Mostly Healthy Food Reviews!