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NC Ag Weekly: North Carolina Duo opens one of a kind seafood restaurant on Cape Fear River

Fayetteville Chef Judith Cage has become a well known individual across Central North Carolina, owning several restaurants and a world renowned catering company Cage says it has always been a dream of hers to open up a “soul food seafood” restaurant. That long time dream becomes a reality Monday as she along with business partner Rashawn Moore open up “Riverside Seafood” along the Cape Fear river in Fayetteville. Riverside Seafood has been in the planning stage since last November when a well known Seafood chain closed their location leaving the building near Downtown Fayetteville vacant. With a goal in mind and the community in their hearts Moore and Cage began planning.
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NC Ag Weekly now accepting Multimedia journalist internship applications

Earlier this afternoon NC Ag Weekly sent out the following press release surrounding new internship positions. Raleigh, NC- On January 12th, 2021 NC Ag Weekly will launch as a statewide digital newscast working to connect individuals within North Carolina with the latest news coming out of the Agriculture industry. As our launch inches closer, NC Ag Weekly is looking to add 5 multimedia journalist intern positions to our team. The primary duties of these interns will be to create and develop content for our weekly newscast, website, and social media platforms as conditioned professionals. These internships will be overseen by industry professionals who will be very prosperous in the guiding and mentoring of these interns. This opportunity is recommended for those who want to get their foot in the door of the media industry. These internships are specifically designed for College students who wish to dedicate 2-5 hours of their time each week to enhancing their professional skills.These internships will be completely work from home. Applicants can get more information and apply by going to

Pumpkin and Fall décor sales remain steady amid Pandemic

COVID-19 has put a burden on many businesses across the world but some businesses like Tarts produce in Dunn have thrived during the challenging times. Tarts has been selling pumpkins, gourds, and mums for over 25 years and their employees say that the pandemic has actually sped up business. According to a WASW news survey 63% of North Carolina families will decorate for the fall season that is up 12% from 2019, 48%of those surveyed said that they will use live pumpkins in their display others said they will use Mums and straw bales. With the high demand of these items you will find a fluctuation in prices but according to the USDA the average price of a medium pumpkin is around 15 dollar, a bale of wheat straw is around 5 dollars and a medium sized chrysanthemum will also cost you around 5 dollars.

Cumberland county school board grants superintendent emergency powers in response to COVID-19

During an emergency school board meeting Friday morning the Cumberland county schools board of education voted in favor of granting emergency powers to superintendent Dr. Marvin Connelly, Jr amid the spread of COVID-19. The school system released the following statement Friday morning: “The Cumberland County Board of Education held an emergency meeting this morning and authorized the use of emergency powers by the superintendent in response to COVID-19. The Cumberland County Board of Education, acting under the authority provided by N.C.G.S. 115C-47, N.C.G.S. 115C-276, and any other applicable statutes, authorized the following:

Cumberland County Health Department, airport, and Hospital prepare for Coronavirus

The Cumberland county health department sent out a news release on Thursday informing individuals about the Coronavirus and how the department is keeping Cumberland county safe.Although no cases have been confirmed in Cumberland County or NC the department says that they are prepared. The release says that the Cumberland county health department is working closely with the NC department of health and human services. “We are in regular communication with Fort Bragg, the Fayetteville Regional Airport, local healthcare providers, our local K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning to monitor COVID-19 information and briefings.” said Dr. Jennifer Green, Cumberland County Health Director in the release. The Department announced in the release that they are taking the following actions to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses and encourages individuals, families, institutions and agencies to take the same precautions.

Popular Cumberland county water park unexpectedly closes

A Cumberland county water park is closing after being a community hang out spot for many years. The Fantasy lake water park on Permastone Lake Rd in Hope Mills has closed its gates. According to the park’s google listing the business is now marked as permanently closed. Fantasy lakes Facebook page and website have both been taken down. Last summer a man died after becoming ill prior to swimming at Fantasy Lake. Health experts say that the man inhaled Naegleria fowleri, a common amoeba found in warm fresh water while swimming at the park. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services say that the amoeba can lead to a fatal brain infection if forced up one's nose but is extremely rare. Many believe that this incident took a toll on the parks business resulting in the closure of the popular attraction. WASW news has reached out to the owners of Fantasy lake but have not heard back.

Undisclosed Grocery store chain looking to open in Warrenton and wants public input

An undisclosed grocery store chain is looking at opening up a store in the old Justsave grocery store location on East Macon Street in Warenton. According to a press release sent out on Tuesday the chain wants to cater to what residents want in a grocery store.There is a meeting planned for March 5th, at 6;30 pm at the Warren county armory civics center to allow residents to speak their priorities when it comes to the new store. Currently Warrenton has no Grocery store and residents are having to travel to a neighboring town to get their groceries. WASW news will continue to follow this story.

Customers allegedly find medical device in food at Fayetteville Restaurant

Several customers who dined at Jamaican Vibez Restaurant and Lounge on Starpoint drive in Fayetteville say that they found used Glucose testing strips in their food over the weekend. Facebook user Zee Johnson posted on Sunday to say that her husband found what appeared to be a used Glucose testing strip with blood on it in his entree. The image included in her post showed the Medical testing device stained from curry sauce with dry blood in the interior and on the exterior of the strip. As of Monday evening Johnson’s post has been shared over 600 times. But she is not the only one who experienced this issue another Facebook user Michelle Watkins says she had the exact same thing happen to her, her post continues to say that the business closed early due to the issue. WASW news reached out to Jamaican Vibez to confirm these allegations they refused to comment. WASW news also looked into the establishments sanitation history at which they never received higher than a 95 on a health inspection. The establishment has mainly had points taken off for food not being handled properly and food missing expiration dates. Johnson said in a comment on the post that she has contacted health officials with the issue. WASW news will continue to look into this incident.

Viral video showing upset child after alleged bullying incident believed to be a scam

Woodlin Broadcasting international correspondence team. A viral video of a young Australian child has captured the hearts and wallets of people all over the world. The live video posted Wednesday was captured by the child's Mother Yarraka Bayles showing her 9 year old son Quaden Bayles upset after he allegedly experienced a harsh bullying incident at his school. During the video Yarraka Bayles narrates her childs action and pleads for increased disability education in schools, in the video Quaden made several remarks pertaining to suicide and self harm. After the video surfaced many from across the world rallied in support for Quaden, including celebrities like Australian actor Hugh Jackmon.

City of Fayetteville prepares for inclement weather and shares tips for drivers.

The city of Fayetteville released the following press release on Thursday in regards to winter weather preperations " (Fayetteville, N.C.) – Due to weather conditions that are expected to worsen today and into this evening, City of Fayetteville leaders are warning that driving conditions could be dangerous tonight and tomorrow morning. According to an update from the National Weather Service, we could see a wintry mix transition in our area as early as 5pm, followed by snowfall overnight of up to two inches in Fayetteville, with a worst case scenario of five inches across the region.

Harnett county schools closed Thursday.

The Harnett county school district will be closed Thursday amid threat of severe weather. Wednesday evening the district announced on social media there plans to close schools saying the district will "err on the side of cuation".

Hope Mills mayor’s company now facing Federal tax lien after over twenty nine thousand dollars goes unpaid

Hope Mills mayor Jackie Warner’s Family has owned Warjack enterprises INC for over Thirty Five years, during that time several members of Warner's family have held a variety of positions within the family business. Back in September a federal tax lien was placed on the company after $29,975.33 went unpaid to the IRS. The failed payments stem back from as early as 2010 and the most recent is dated in 2016. The Hope Mills mayor has been under fire after she publicly advocated for the demolition of the historic parish house that has sat in Hope Mills for over one hundred and ten years. WASW news obtained the Notice served to Warjack enterprises back in September of last year which states that there have been several requests for the payment but it has not been received. According to the notice Warner's company did not pay proper taxes in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2016. The lien falls under sections 6321, 6322, and 6323 of the Internal revenue code which states that possessions such as property and vehicles can be seized up to the value owed by the company, Several residents went to social media to express their concerns on this saying that they are concerned with how the mayor may handle their tax money when dealing with issues within the town of Hope Mills. WASW news reached out to mayor Warner but have not heard back yet.

I-95 widening project to require closure of Harnett county bridge

Last week the NC Department of transportation announced that a four hundred and four million dollar Interstate widening project will require the bridge at exit 71 off of interstate 95 to be closed limiting access to some areas of Harnett county. According to the NCDOT the Bridge along Long Branch road will be closed for around a year as construction crews widen a 15 mile stretch of I95. The two lane bridge will be torn down and replaced with a larger and safer bridge. This project will widen the major interstate from mile marker 56 in Cumberland county to Long Branch road. This week construction crews will be placing several detours in and around this area that will impact travelers. During this project drivers that would originally exit left onto Long Branch rd will be reverted to Exit 70. Drivers who desire to exit Right will proceed as usual until both ramps close at a later date. The entire project is expected to be completed by 2024. Several improvements will be made this year to make future construction smoother. Exit 70 will go through similar construction after construction at exit 71 is completed. After this 15 mile stretch is widened an additional 10 miles will be widened from exit 71 to exit 81 in Johnston county. All detours and travel information can be found at More information on the project can be found at