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Beavertails in Banff on Canada Day

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Chef Ellard finds himself over the border in Bannf, Alberta, Canada on Canada Day! What's more Canadian than a Beavertail - a delectable pastry based off a Native American flatbread. Loaded with all kinds of sinful things, Beavertails have been spiking Canadians blood sugars since the 70s, but what a ride! Chef Ellard has two and enjoys the sights and sounds of Banff on a beautiful day to celebrate all things Canada. Follow us on Newsbreak for more authentic food adventures from around the world!

Andrews Family Vineyards Opens Trothe Winery

Washington’s range of golden hills overlooking the Columbia River, known as the Horse Heaven Hills, have long been known for their vineyards. The Andrews family has cultivated vineyards in the Horse Heaven Hills for generations — and recently, it announced the opening of a new winery. The new...
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Are wine grapes the new 'apple' of Washington?

WOODINVILLE, Wash. — Washington’s wine industry is booming, but could wine grapes become the new “apples” of the state?. From cabernet, syrah, pinot gris, rosé, or however you like your pour, Woodinville has glass for you. “I was the 19th winery in Woodinville when I...

5 of the Oldest Best Restaurants in Washington State

There are a lot of amazing restaurants all over Washington State. One of my favorite things to do when we visit a new town or city is go eat at the local "spot" everyone talks about. There is nothing like experiencing the food at a restaurant that has been made the same way for multiple generations. Here is a small list of 5 old restaurants you have to visit if your near them in Washington State.

Washington Wine History Interviews: Mike Sauer, Red Willow Vineyard

Mike Sauer (b. 1947) was a farm boy from Toppenish who became the founder and guiding force behind Red Willow Vineyard, near Wapato and White Swan in the Yakima Valley. He graduated from Washington State University with a degree in agricultural economics. He thought he would end up working for a bank or a big food corporation. It didn’t work out that way, because life had a few surprises in store for Sauer. He married fellow WSU student Karen Stephenson, and when he graduated, his father-in-law needed someone to help run his sprawling farm. The farm mostly grew hay, cattle, wheat, and alfalfa for seed. But a happy accident led Sauer to grapes in the early 1970s, before Washington had a true wine industry to speak of. Here, in a June 10, 2022, interview with HistoryLink's Jim Kershner at the Red Willow Vineyard, Sauer tells the story of how he came to be a grape grower, and how he was eventually led to fine wine grapes.

13 Delicious Amazing Meals That BEST Represent Washington State

Is there one tasty meal that you think BEST represents WA? We can't come up with only just ONE, we narrowed it down to 13 of them! Washington state is represented by so many delicious amazing meals. Our state is full of many beautiful cultures and ethnicities and we bring our food traditions along with us, no matter from where we've moved to Washington.