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Bicyclist dead, 3 injured after multi-vehicle crash in Northwest Washington, DC

DC happened around 7 30 Yesterday evening on Massachusetts Avenue near Second Street, D c. Police believe in SUV on Massachusetts hit the cyclist and another SUV, Simon. Titanius Lee, causing several other accidents. W T O P Traffic reporter Dave Gildan was at the crash scene near the broken car parts. The damaged capital bike share bicycle on its side on the pavement helmet about 10 FT. Away. Van head on into a traffic signal pole, several other damaged vehicles. Police reconstruction ongoing in D C. Police say the man. Keywords: , Titanius Lee, Dave Gildan, Massachusetts, Simon, VAN
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Maryland lawmakers override vetoes on sweeping police reform

have voted to overturn all three of Governor Mitt Larry Hogan's vetoes of police reform bills. Chief executives, Vito is overridden. And with that Maryland Senate officially overrode Hogan's veto of a bill that orders police departments to provide body worn cameras for on duty officers by 2025. Senator Charles said more from Baltimore, the governor right that this bill is misguided and threatens laughs. The status quo is me. Guided. Maryland senators also overrode Hogan's veto of a bill that regulates the execution of search warrants. The Maryland House voted to overturn Hogan's veto on its major police reform Bill. Valerie Bonk Wtlv news Hogan says the vetoed evey toad the proposals because he believes they would hurt police recruitment and retention impose significant risks. The public safety. Keywords: , Governor Mitt Larry Hogan, Hogan, Senator Charles, Maryland, Vito, Maryland House, Senate, Baltimore, Valerie Bonk Wtlv, Bill
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Police accused of threatening, pulling gun on Black Army lieutenant during Virginia traffic stop

An Army officer who is black and Latino is suing Windsor, Virginia police after a traffic stop last December. 2nd Lieutenant Karen Rosario, still in his uniform, keeps his hands visible out the window of his new car. While to Windsor police officers, Guns drawn order him to get out. Was he afraid if he took his hands out of you, something really bad would happen. No harm. But was he built to do anything? Any misstep? He was afraid that they were going to kill it. CBS is Kristina Graffiti tells us in the video. You see him being pepper sprayed and knocked to the.

Virginia police officers threaten and pepper spray black army lieutenant

are being sued by a military officer who is black and Latino. After a traffic stop last December, Army second Lieutenant Karin Rosario, still in his uniform, keeps his hands visible at the window of his new car while to Windsor police officers. Guns drawn order him to get out. Was he afraid if he took his hands out of you, something really bad would happen. Yes. So what was he built to do anything? Any misstep? He was afraid that they were going to kill it. Attorney Jonathan Arthur is representing Mazzariello in a lawsuit filed earlier this month against the two officers. The incident report says his aria was pulled over for not having tags displayed on his SUV. But the temporary dealer plate is visible in the officer's body Cam video is aria was released without charge. CBS is Kristina Rupini.. Keywords: US News, Karin Rosario, Attorney Jonathan Arthur, Mazzariello, Windsor, Army, CBS, Kristina Rupini
Washington DC Local News by Audioburst

Bicyclist dead, 3 injured after multi-vehicle crash in Northwest Washington DC

is dead after a multi car crash in northwest DC, had happened it around 7 30 yesterday evening on Massachusetts Avenue near Second Street, D. C. Police believe it happened when an SUV on mass Avenue hit the cycle list and another SUV simultaneously. That initial crash led to several other accidents. W T O P Traffic reporter Dave Gildan was at the crash scene near the Broken car parts damaged capital bike share bicycle on its side on the pavement helmet about 10 FT. Away. Van head on into a traffic signal pole, Several other damaged vehicles. Police reconstruction, ongoing D C. Police say a man was riding a bike when he was hit by a car and later died. Ah, woman was also her but is expected to be okay. Six vehicles were involved in that crash. It. Keywords: , D. C. Police, Dave Gildan, DC, C. Police, VAN

Washington DC area schools expect higher enrollment in fall

Prince George's County has kids back in the classroom again on a hybrid schedule, But many students are choosing to stay all virtual and others have left the system altogether. School leaders think classrooms will fill out in the fall, though overall enrollment is down this school year in Prince George's County, we saw the con in a Roman of about 2000 students. But many of those who are younger students where their parents could actually do that all that home teaching experience. But Monica Goldson, the CEO of the County school system says that's likely to reverse back in the next school year. We're expecting that those families will come back, and we'll still see a percent about a 1% increase in student body as well. And that also means the county expects to hang a help wanted sign outside of schools this summer. Definitely every increase of students that we have will cause an increase in the number of staff that we hired John Doman w T O P News.

New vaccination site opens at Arena Stage in Southwest Washington, D.C.

That new vaccination site that just opened at Arena stage in Southwest D. C on Lee a few 100 doses today during the soft launch, Edgar Darby runs Arena State. There is a real Real sense of accomplishment around here today. It's thrilling to be able to take an action that really just builds people's confidence. You see, the centers of person gets That vaccine. They just feel they just have a different view of life. Now By tomorrow, they say they expect to give about 1000 Johnson and Johnson. Covert shots. A day side is by appointment only operates Thursday through Sunday from 8 to 5 to get a shot. You have to sign up through DC's vaccine portal.

Washington DC approves some fans at Capital One Arena

Some local teams. As D. C is approved waivers. Those fans that capital one arena for Wizards and Capitals games, effective immediately can host at 10% capacity. Same for the Mystics. When they start the WN BA season later on Nationals, DC United will now also be able to host fans at 25% capacity at Nats Park and out he feels speaking of the Nazi at the defending champion L. A.

Summer school in Fairfax County to be in-person, 5 days a week

Own household here In the past few months? Maybe the kid's grades have suffered because of virtual learning this past school year. Well, Fairfax County Public School students are going to get a chance to improve those great summer school will be at a scale 10 times What is normal for summer school that is Superintendent Scott Bray brain, He says the school district will offer a variety of programs, including what he calls Bridge to kindergarten and Bridge to first grade, which is Signed to help these systems, youngest learners who may have been most affected by the pandemic. Also, older students will have the option to retake classes. If you received an F here at the end of the year, you'll be able to have a no mark and go to summer school to turn that f into a passing grade. Great brand says in person. Classes will be offered five days a week. Look, look. Er w t o.

T.C. Williams High School renamed Alexandria City High School

The Titans but forget their old school name. The school board in Alexandria also voted last night to change the name of T. C. Williams to simply Alexandria City High School, scrubbing the name of a longtime segregationist superintendent from the school that was best known for its true story of a desegregated football team winning the State Championship. An elementary school, named after a Confederate naval officer was also renamed this time after a beloved teacher, Nye Omi, Brooks. She died last year. Just his.

Capitol Police officer rammed by car died of blunt force head injuries

Findings from the D. C medical examiner's office on the Capitol Hill Police officer killed last week. Jill NATO reports from Washington Little police officer Billy Evans died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries to the head. The D C medical examiner said the manner of death was homicide. Evans was killed on another officer injured when a man brand his car into a Capitol Hill barricade on good Friday that driver jumped out of the car with a knife and was shot dead by other officers. Evans will lie and honor in the Capitol Rotunda next week. Evans leaves behind two.

Capitol Police reportedly had expired ammo and ineffective shields during riot

A scathing report by the capital police watchdog says there were even more law enforcement failures before the insurrection. January 6th This includes new details about expired ammunition shields that didn't work well ineffective Shields and a previously on reported warning more than two weeks ahead of the riot about a map of the capital's underground tunnels that was posted on a pro trump website. CNN and the hill are reporting so far, the findings show Capitol police We're not handling their business in a routine manner to prevent such attacks. This summary also highlights significant problems with the department's vigilance when it comes to equipment maintenance policies for the civil disturbance unit and its handle. Of intelligence before that.

Washington, DC releases causes of death for 4 people in Capitol attack

the corner in Washington. See revealed the deaths of the causes of death of four of the five people who died in the January sticks massacre. It was you know, the news media called it all kinds of things there, blood drenched and it was all this up. Two individuals died of cardio events, heart attacks in effect, one died of a drug overdose that remind me of Woodstock Woodstock. There were three deaths at Woodstock. Three days of piece of music and three deaths to drug overdose, and one guy passed out in a sleeping bag was run over by a tractor and killed at Woodstock. So at the January six, right Two people died. Medical examiner Washington DC Yesterday only took three months only took three months. But we're not done yet because we still don't know how Officer Brian Sick. Nick died. That's a secret. It's a state secret because the Democrats are using it as a political weapon. So The coroner's office in Washington, D. C is still keeping it in a little hush hush has swept under the. Keywords: , Woodstock, Heart Attacks, Washington, Officer Brian Sick, Washington Dc, Nick

32 years later, man to be sentenced for estranged wife’s Virginia murder

up on 32 years since MARTA Haiti, Rodriguez disappeared in Virginia. Today. Her former husband will be sentence for her murder posted. Rodriguez crews will be in a Stafford County courtroom this morning. He pleaded guilty last November to the reduced charge of second degree murder for killing his estranged wife and hiding her remains in the median of I 95 they weren't I did as Marta Rodriguez until 2017 After her former husband admitted killing girlfriend Pamela Butler in the district. He could get up to 40 years in a Virginia prison for this murder, but he wouldn't start serving that until he's finished with his 12 year federal sentence for Pam Butler's murder. The. Keywords: , Rodriguez, Stafford County, Marta Rodriguez, Haiti, Virginia, Pamela Butler, Pam Butler

Capitol rioters' causes of death released by Washington, DC medical examiner

Three months after the deadly Capitol attack. We're getting more information on most, but not all of the deaths. Fox is Tony J. Powers as the details live. D C chief medical examiner, Dr Francisco Diaz says that two of the people died of natural causes, while a third that of amphetamine intoxication, he says Ashley Babbitt died from a gunshot wound to the left shoulder while trying to climb through a door into the House chamber. Cause and manner of death for the fifth person killed. Capitol police officer Brian Sick. Nick has not been released. Two people have been charged with assaulting officers sickness, but they're not charged in his death. Dave.

Washington, D.C. leaders speak out after woman is restrained on Metro platform

A video showed multiple metro transit police officers restraining a woman who had a bloody lip. She was on the Metro platform leading the one that stopped now witness at the scene told officers that a man had brandished a knife when that woman wouldn't move away from him Metro Transit officers approach. The woman after police say she was behaving erratically and screaming at other writers. She was taken to a hospital to receive mental health services. Police say the woman was restrained after she assaulted an officer Saturday night at the gallery Place Chinatown Metro Station. A man involved was arrested on a charge of possession of a prohibited weapon. Virginia's attorney general, Mark Herring, and the.

New Racial Slur Allegation Follows Washington DC Area Football Game

County and Alexandria schools are sharing what actions they're taking after accusations of racism and abuse at a JV football game on Monday night. It comes two weeks after student athletes at the Fairfax County School were accused in a similar incident with a school in Arlington County. Quote. We're taking this matter seriously. T. C. Williams High School principal Beater Ballas wrote two families. Saying he and the athletic director met with junior varsity and varsity football players to collect their accounts of the allegations of J V player was spat on and called a racial slur during a game Monday against Robinson Secondary in Fairfax. Perfects County schools says it's quote aware of a number of allegations regarding the use of racially charged language and racial slurs in the past few weeks and says it plans to hold a stand down meeting for all teams and coaches. Her Virginia high School League rules. Players heard using such language will be ejected and suspended for additional games. Meghan Cloherty w.

M&T Bank Stadium mass vaccination site to start taking walk-up appointments

Bag Stadium, Mass vaccination site is going to offer same day walk up vaccinations that starts Friday. 200 walk up vaccinations, lots of available each day from 10 to 27 days a week that does not include Orioles Day game dates when parking lots are expected to be full. The University of Maryland medical system is operating the site in partnership with the State Health Department, the National Guard in the Maryland Stadium Authority. Officials say walk up times and capacity are likely to change over time.

New Racial Slur Allegation Follows Football Game in Fairfax, Virginia

High schools are talking with players and coaches after junior varsity football players from Fairfax are accused of a racist incident against the team from Alexandria. Let's go to W T O peacemaking Clark. The allegations are that Robinson secondary School junior football players from Fairfax spat on and used a racial slur. Against players from T. C. Williams High School in Alexandria during a game Monday night, spokeswoman for F. C. P S Lucy Caldwell says in a statement. Quote We recognize we have much work to do in our schools and will continue to strive to promote equity. Caldwell says the school district plans to hold stand down meetings for all teams and coaches to review appropriate behavior required to play. This comes two weeks after football players at another Fairfax County school were accused of a racist incident against an opposing team. T. C. Williams principal Peter Bala says they're collecting accounts of what happened from players and coaches and have been in touch with Robinson's athletic staff. Meghan Cloherty. W T. O P News.

Man dies in Washington, DC house fire

A man is dead after a house fire in D. C overnight on Monroe Street northeast in the Brooklyn neighborhood, D C. Fire investigators say the fire was heavy, but they were able to keep it from spreading to other homes Nearby. The man was found on the second floor pronounced dead at the scene. No one else was in the home at the time of the fire, the cause remains under.