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Five years later, JK Moving's Chuck Kuhn is still waiting for his Tesla Semi trucks. This week, he decided to buy more.

Like everyone else, Chuck Kuhn is still holding for his Tesla Semis. In 2017, the founder and CEO of Sterling-based JK Moving Services deposited $30,000 with the electric vehicle giant for six of its local semi-tractors — with an option to put down a deposit for six more. At the time, he hoped to see the first semi arrive by 2019. Five years later, he has none.

New tour company will guide visitors through blockbuster D.C. movie history

Trey Carswell is taking you to the movies. Well, sort of. The founder and CEO of Moon'k Films Devoted Production Studios on Friday officially launches Devoted Capital Movie Tours, trademarked as D.C. Movie Tours, a 10-stop visit of D.C. sites where blockbuster moves were filmed, while also incorporating national landmarks. Among the films noted on the tour: "Forrest Gump," "The Exorcist," "Minority Report," "Spiderman: Homecoming, "A Few Good Men" and "Wonder Woman 1984."

Liens & bankruptcies Leads - July 15, 2022

Learn which local businesses have recently filed for bankruptcy, unpaid income or unpaid payroll taxes. Mechanics' liens are included. Utilize this information to navigate opportunity and avoid risk. Collected from Federal bankruptcy courts, Chapter 7 is liquidation of all assets; Chapter 11 provides protection from creditors while a business reorganizes...

Real estate Leads - July 15, 2022

Find out what areas are developing rapidly to capitalize on growth opportunities for your business. Leverage data around foreclosures, building permits, mortgages, transactional data and more. Identify the individuals and developers securing the largest commercial and residential building permits in the area, with details on the date, location, dollar value...

The Pitch: This D.C. startup wants to turn Solo cups into dresses

Editor’s note: Welcome to The Pitch, a DC Inno special feature in which we spotlight young local startups led by underrepresented founders. These companies may not have much (or any) funding or revenue, but they do have plans — and they’re taking the initial steps to make things happen. Each month, we’ll highlight a different venture in the D.C.-area landscape, with an intention of following their journeys from this point forward. Previously we have featured CarpeDM, Old Dominion Flower Co., Acclinate,OneVillage and Isotonik Solutions.

Steele Foundation LLC Announces Retirement of Founder Ronald W. Steele, P.E.

As Managing Member, Ron Steele led the regional firm for 53 years July 20, 2022 — Steele Foundation LLC announces the retirement of Founder and Managing Member Ronald (Ron) W. Steele, P.E. Ron Steele has directed field operations of the regionally owned and operated foundation design and construction firm since he co-founded it in 1968. He is succeeded in leadership of the firm by his son, President J. Andrew (Andy) Steele, P.E., D. GE. With more than 50 years in the design and construction of excavation support systems, façade preservation and shoring systems for structural modifications, Ron Steele is renowned for his knowledge and experience throughout the industry. Ron Steele earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University, and is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. His support of the foundation industry extends to active committee roles over the years in the Post-Tensioning Institute and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Says Andy Steele, “Steele Foundation is one of the few firms that specializes in engineered foundation construction, which requires the skills and talent of highly-trained licensed professionals. My father’s business acumen and unique expertise in this essential construction and consulting niche built the company into the leading firm it is today. He is now retiring to California, knowing that he’s created a first-class firm that will endure because of the organizational reputation he’s built and the professional staff that he has mentored.” About Steele Foundation LLC Co-founded in 1968 by Ronald W. Steele, P.E., Steele Foundation LLC is an award-winning regionally owned and operated design and construction foundation contractor. Steele Foundation serves the Washington, DC-Baltimore region as a project partner in solving deep foundation engineering and construction obstacles for complex construction projects. The engineers and craftsmen of Steele Foundation work closely with project designers, developers and owners to provide cost-effective and safe project design and building solutions for sheeting, underpinning, micropiles, and shoring and shoring systems for façade preservation and structural modifications. Projects include well-known federal government buildings, international airports, landmark and historic structures, hospitals, embassies and universities. More information: J. Andrew (Andy) Steele, P.E., D.GE, President Office: 202-342-1194 Media contact: William J. (Bill) Holleran Holleran Communications LLC Mobile: 301-996-9495