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MultiVersus has no right to be as fun as it is

My expectations were pretty darn low going into Warner Bros. crossover fighter MultiVersus. The Super Smash Bros. series has been the undisputed champion of the platform fighter subgenre of fighting game, and few titles could ever reach its level of polish or its fun factor. Nonetheless, more companies have noticed the crossover potential of games like Smash and have started to make their own for their own brands, to mixed results.
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Warner Bros. Discovery Exec Reportedly Wants DC Films Made For Theaters First

More details are coming to light about the future of Warner Bros. Discovery, following the companies' significant merger earlier this year. In particular, there have been a lot of conversations and reports surrounding the company's plans for its content, and how that impacts some of the franchises under Warner Bros' umbrella. We've already seen the extent of that means for the DC universe, particularly with news that the studio cancelled its plans to make an HBO Max-exclusive Wonder Twins movie. A new report from The Hollywood Reporter sheds light on that axing, and reveals that new Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is "imposing a mandate that DC movies should now be made with a theatrical-first goal." A source quoted in the report also claims that "a lot of things that were developed are going to go away."

New Ocean's Eleven Movie With Margot Robbie in 'Active Development' at Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is reportedly in "active on a new Ocean's Eleven movie project with Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie. The film will be directed by Jay Roach (Bombshell), and is said to be set in 1960s Europe, which would make it a prequel to the original Ocean's Eleven movie with Geroge Clooney and Brad Pitt. That said, the script by Carrie Solomon is said to be "an original Ocean's Eleven," so it's unclear if there is much connective tissue between previous Ocean's Eleven and this new project.

CW Chief Downplays Drama Of Upcoming Ownership Shift; It’s A Big Brand, Not Just A Media Company Changing Hands

Click here to read the full article. CW chief Mark Pedowitz tried to put some context around an upcoming ownership shift of the network. It’s not a typical corporate deal, he said, because the CW is an important brand, and a well entrenched one. “You may have heard the CW is undergoing a bit of a transition of its own. But we’ve become more than just a network, more than just a media company. We are a brand. A brand that has a had a major impact in a very short time,” he told ad buyers at the company’s upfront presentation...

Warner Bros. Already Has the Perfect Way to Save Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman

DC fans are still reeling from the cancellations of Naomi, Batwoman, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, with Legends consistently trending on social media since the news broke and fans launching petitions, running billboard ads, and hashtag-bombing yesterday's Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts. The cancellations came at a weird time for fans; Batwoman ended on a creepy and somewhat ambiguous note, and Legends with an out-and-out cliffhanger. Producers have said not to blame the network, or the studio, making it murky whose call it was to abruptly end The CW's long-running "Arrowverse" (while The Flash and Superman & Lois still exist, the latter rarely acknowledges the other shows and the former is almost certainly racing toward the finish line next season).
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Multiversus hands-on: Finally, a compelling Smash Bros. clone

Starting today, Warner Bros. Games is taking the formal veil off its worst-kept video game secret in years: Multiversus. When we saw the leaks about this upcoming free-to-play PC and console game, which stars various WB and Time Warner intellectual property in a cartoony, Smash Bros.-style arena fighter, we had our reservations. Was WB seriously trying to compete with Nintendo's biggest fighting game by pitting Arya Stark against... Shaggy from Scooby-Doo? Whose dream cartoon face-off is that?
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David Zaslav blasted Warner Bros. execs for greenlighting Clint Eastwood flop: report

David Zaslav, the head of the Warner Bros. Discovery media empire, tore into movie executives at Warner who green-lit a Clint Eastwood film even though they knew the movie would likely fail to turn a profit at the box office, according to a report. Days after Warner Bros. and Discovery completed a merger in early April, Zaslav met with Warner Bros. Pictures studio heads and quizzed them about a string of flops, according to The Wall Street Journal. One of the movies that grossed poorly at the box office last year was “Cry Macho,” a neo-Western produced and directed by the iconic...

Here’s everything Hogwarts Legacy’s map and gameplay has shown us so far and the locations to expect

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world tie-in to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive this game will take students not just into the famed school but also the wider magical world that we’ve come to know so far.During the game’s State of Play event, fans caught a quick glimpse at just how big the game could potentially be. We can almost certainly expect to see areas such as the forbidden forest and the great lake but also references to Diagon Alley and it’s many shops as well as other infamous...

AEW Disappearing At Warner Bros. Discovery Upfronts Is A Bad Sign

First, AEW was reportedly going to be a focal point during the Warner Bros. Discovery upfronts. Then they weren’t. The latter came to fruition as AEW was seldom featured during the Warner Bros. Discovery presentation to advertisers on Wednesday. The new regime overseeing Turner Sports didn’t come anywhere close...

Warner Bros.’ Recommitment To Theatres Hints At Return To Normalcy

David Zaslav made a bunch of news yesterday during the press rounds for Warner Bros. Discovery’s annual television upfront presentation. He got a profile n the Wall Street Journal where he frankly came off as a “money > relationships” executive. He openly criticized the decision to spend $33 million on Clint Eastwood’s relatively non-commercial Cry Macho and his actions over the first month, almost immediately pulling the plug on CNN+ and canceling an in-development HBO Max movie based on DC’s The Wonder Twins, seems to at the very least paint him as someone not willing to give in to sunk cost fallacy thinking. However, he also committed to the notion of Warner Bros. releasing 20-25 movies in theaters per year while downplaying HBO Max originals.

Warner Bros. Discovery Is Aiming For 25 Theatrical Releases Per Year

When Warner Media merged with Discover earlier this year in a massive, multi-billion-dollar deal to form Warner Bros. Discovery, it was most certainly seen as a huge deal within the media landscape. Though it failed to generate the same widespread buzz that the Disney/Fox deal a few years ago did, for somewhat obvious reasons. However, under the leadership of new CEO David Zaslav, the company is changing drastically and rapidly. Case in point, it appears we can expect more movies in theaters from Warner Bros., and far fewer movies made directly for HBO Max.

Warner Bros. Discovery Should Make A New DCEU Exclusively On HBO Max

Chief Executive Officer and president of Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) David Zaslav reportedly wants major changes to the studio’s handling of DC Comics properties, including putting a lot of projects on the chopping block and insisting all DC films be theatrical releases. However, I think there’s a better long-term approach for DC brands. I believe WBD should create a shared DCEU exclusively for HBO Max, and reserve theatrical for team-up “event” films and the biggest character IP, in a way that will catch up to Marvel and generate more revenue in the long run.