10 Best Dividend ETFs to Buy Right Now

The stock market is off to its worst start in at least 50 years by some measures. The NASDAQ is having its worst start going back to 1971 when the composite began, and the S&P 500 hasn’t been this bad since 1939!. As an investor, you’re probably conflicted by...
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How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge

People love credit cards for the rewards points and generous welcome bonuses they offer. But the good feelings can dissipate quickly if you become a victim of fraud. These days, when credit card fraud is so prevalent, it’s crucial that you know how to dispute a credit card charge. But while some laws give consumers the right to do that, there are stipulations within those laws, such as time limits on disputes, that are important for you to know. Understanding the right way to dispute a credit card charge will help you avoid getting ripped off.
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How to Make Money Selling Etsy Printables

Selling Etsy printables can be a great way to create a side hustle you can do from home. And believe it or not, you can start selling printables with little to no experience or upfront cash. If you are interested in learning how to make money selling Etsy printables, you’ve...

Best Banks for Private Client Millionaire Perks (plus Alternatives)

Many banks provide private banking services to their wealthiest clients. The benefits include preferred pricing, hands-on wealth management, and other perks for customers seeking personalized service. Unfortunately, not everyone can qualify as a private banking client – a net worth of $1MM or more is usually required. This article will cover several perks of today's best private banking services.

Copilot Review: The Best Budgeting App for iOS Users?

Copilot is financial management and budgeting tool designed to help iOS users to master their financial lives. If you’ve been looking to get better control of your financing across multiple accounts, Copilot may be the right choice for you. After bringing all your accounts together on the app, you’ll have the ability to regularly track your spending, create budgets, and have more control over your financial destiny.

Don’t Chase More: To Win at Money, Accomplish Goals

One of the best tricks that Capitalism ever pulled was convincing you that you needed more. And by Capitalism, I mean how Capitalism has shaped your lizard brain. That’s the part of your brain that unconsciously directs your actions. The part that squirts out a bit of dopamine whenever you check your portfolios.

What is Cash Stuffing? #cashstuffing

Have you heard of this latest TikTok “craze” called cash stuffing?. The term is new but the strategy isn’t – even if you’ve never heard of cash stuffing, chances are you’ve heard of the strategy. It’s been around for ages and it’s a solid...

Albert App Review: An All-in-One Banking and Investing App?

Many personal finance apps specialize in specific tasks like saving money, earning a high-interest rate, paying bills, and potentially earning spending rewards. Finding one platform offering both banking and investing accounts can be challenging. That’s not the case with Albert. Albert can help you save, invest, and receive hands-on financial...

VXUS vs. VEU: Which is the Better International ETF for Your Portfolio?

International stock funds have turned in a disappointing performance in recent years, at least when compared with US stocks. But long-term investors understand the importance of diversification, including the need to spread capital into underperforming asset classes. After all, asset classes tend to cycle between gains and losses. Though the S&P 500 has been on a tear for the past dozen years, things could change.

Tomo Credit Card Review

It can be challenging to qualify for a rewards credit card without a security deposit when you have bad credit. In most instances, your best option is applying for a secured credit card where your credit limit is the same amount as your refundable security deposit. Depending on which card you apply for, it may or may not earn rewards and potentially charge an annual fee.

$1,000 Bank Bonus Offers

Are you looking for a bank that will give you over a thousand dollars to open an account?. Banks usually go one of two ways when it comes to bank bonuses – they require you to set up a direct deposit OR you can move over a large sum of money and hold it there for a few months.

What Is a SageStream Credit Score?

When you think about your credit score, it’s usually the FICO credit score, one of our nation’s most widely used credit scores. If someone says “credit score,” they usually mean this one. From time to time, you’ll see companies refer to VantageScore, the scoring algorithm and...

The 100 Envelope Challenge: Does It Work?

When it comes to personal finance, nothing beats the simple adage that you should spend less than you earn. For many folks, budgeting is easy and they’re able to save without much trouble. For others, they need to use strategies like paying yourself first. And for others, we have...

The 100 Envelope Challenge: Does It Work?

Have you heard of the 100 envelope challenge? If so, you might be intrigued by saving that kind of cash in such a short period. But how does it work, and is it realistic? In this article, I'll cover everything you need to know about the 100 envelope challenge, including whether or not it’s a viable option in today’s economy.

Teachers Federal Credit Union Promotions: $400 for New Checking Account

Teachers Federal Credit Union was my first bank account (OK, technically it’s a credit union). I grew up in Stony Brook on Long Island and my mom worked for the school district, so as wise financially savvy individuals we opted for our local credit union. Teachers Federal Credit Union had a branch near our home and I remember going in to open the account.

How to Buy Hulu Stock

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services on the market. It’s growing in popularity as consumers look for alternatives to the high and rising cost of cable services. The growing interest in Hulu might make buying its stock seem like a winning proposition, but there’s no way...

Zebit Review: Is Buy Now, Pay Later Worth the Cost?

Buy now, pay later services allow you to make expensive purchases with low monthly payments. Zebit offers spending limits as high as $2,500 and the ability to pay for goods for six months interest-free. No credit check is required to shop in this online marketplace featuring over 175,000 products. In...