Introducing a Puppy to a Cat

Introducing a puppy into an established cat household can be tricky. With the proper training, time, and patience, however, it is possible to have success introducing a puppy to a cat. Adding a cat to a dog household is often simpler than adding a dog to a cat household. Why?...
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Choosing a Family Pet

Choose the right family pet by considering space, activity, temperament, and allergies, so the match between pet and owner will be a long and happy one. Here are some items to consider when choosing a family pet. Deciding to get a pet for your home can be one of the...
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Dog Parks Colorado Springs: Where Pup Can Romp

Our puppy loves to run and play. She is full of energy and really needs her exercise. So, finding good dog parks is always a goal when we travel with her. Colorado Springs boasts possibly the largest dog park that we’ve yet visited. Let us tell you about that one, as well as other dog parks in Colorado Springs.
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Denver Dog Parks Your Dog Will Love

If you enjoy traveling to destinations with your family but hate the thought of keeping your well-behaved dog on a leash the entire time, you’re not alone. Fortunately for you, the city of Denver loves dogs. If you live or are visiting the Denver area, rest assured that there are plenty of wonderful Denver dog parks for your beloved pooch to exercise and meet new friends at. You’ll even enjoy them too!

What is a Colorado Mountain Dog?

The Colorado Mountain Dog is a breed that’s only been around since 2005 but has quickly. turned out to be amongst the most sought after livestock guardian dogs (LGD). Not only are. they exceptional at blending in and protecting livestock from predators, but they’re also. accepting and loving towards complete...

How to Cool Down a Dog When Temperatures Rise

We have all heard horror stories of pets left in hot cars. But it bears repeating that you should never leave your dog in the car unattended when temperatures get above 70°. When the heat of the summer brings us to shed our heavier clothes in exchange for tanks and shorts, think of how to help your pets who lack the ability to do the same.

Best Local Dog Parks Across the United States

As a pet owner, there are few things better than a great dog park to put a smile on your furry family member’s face. Even if you are lucky enough to have a big yard for them to play in, getting to romp with dog friends off leash is just the best. Plus it is the best way for them to get exercise and socialization. We’ve asked our dog blogger friends from across the United States where to find the best local dog parks.

Colorado Pet Friendly Cabins Fluffy Will Love

Our family has had the opportunity to explore our home state of Colorado extensively this summer. And, our furry family member has joined us for every trip. Getaways have been planned around being able to bring her along. We don’t leave her behind if we can help it. So, this summer we’ve been on a quest to getaway to Colorado pet friendly cabins. We think we’ve found the best ones!

First Night With New Puppy: What to Know

Are you feeling excited about bringing your new puppy home? While you want to get your new pet adjusted to your home and your family, there are certain things you need to know about the first night with new puppy. If you are fully prepared and know what to expect, the transition can go much smoother for everyone including your new baby.

What to Know About Bringing Home a Rescue Dog

Have you decided to get a pet? Rather than shopping for a dog, you may be planning to rescue a dog who needs a loving and caring family. The dog you are adopting may have a storied past, and not always in a good way. But you can change the animal’s life forever by providing them a safe and comfortable home. Before bringing your new rescue dog home, here’s what to know about bringing home a rescue dog.

What Vegetables Can Dogs Have?

If you have a dog, you may want to add more vegetables to its diet. So, what vegetables can dogs have? The right vegetables are ideal for both small and large breeds because they offer an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients that the animals can benefit from having. Vegetables...

New Puppy Checklist

Adding a new furry member to your family is an important decision, as well as a special time. There’s much to learn both about your new dog and how to best care for them. From helping you choose a vet, dog food and finding the right places for them to socialize we’ve got you covered with our new puppy checklist.